View Full Version : Fuel rail pressure voltage low error code spi 94 fmi 4

05-30-2016, 03:05 AM
Went out for the day on the boat and ran completely fine until we anchored out to watch the fireworks. Went to start the boat and motor would not fire. Fuel gauge read empty but has always been off by about what I thought was a 1/4 tank since the day I bought it. Had a friend bring me 5 gallons of gas and engine fired right up. The boat has a 39 gallon tank and after putting the boat on the trailer, I put an additional 17 gallons in it at the gas station. This adds up to about 22 gallons or almost half of a tank which means the gauge should read no where near empty. On top of that I'm getting the error code spi 94 fmi 4. Everything I can find relates to low voltage at the fuel rail. Anybody have any ideas?