View Full Version : Just got a boat, looking for dash parts

05-18-2016, 10:00 AM
Hello, after a few years of on again, off again boat searching, my dad and I finally found what seems to be a good all-sport boat for our family in a 2004 Mobius LS. It's going to be used at my parent's cottage, so lots of extended family members use it for different activities. It's replacing a 30 year old Chaparral 178 XL with a 90hp Merc outboard. I think we're stepping up just a bit. ;)

We just test-drove and purchased last weekend. This weekend will be for detailing and of course, next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, so we'll be on the water for most of it!

The first minor upgrade I'd like to make is to add a depth sounder. It looks like this model had one as an option, but wasn't installed. From this pic, it looks like there's an auxiliary gauge pod that can be added. Does anyone know if this can be purchased still? I've seen the main, center gauge cluster at a few places, but not this smaller pod. I could add a more generic pod, but would like to try and keep it more factory looking.

The part in the red box is what I'm looking for. I'm planning on installing a Faria 13852 in Chesapeake White and probably a blank in the other hole for now.