View Full Version : Want to Buy: 02 or newer V drive

07-10-2006, 02:08 AM
I am in the market to buy a wakeboarding boat. I really like the local Moomba dealer so I have decided to get a Moomba, but they really don't have much for inventrory...

Required Features:
Tower & racks
ballast system
stereo system
(basically a good wakeboarding boat)

I want to spend 30,000 or preferrably less

Also I live near Greeley Colorado, I am willing to drive across the US, but if your far away you better have a really good deal for me.

please respond to this thread or you can email pics direct to xcmtbjason@gmail.com


07-10-2006, 11:51 PM
I don't know what happened to my post it just disappeared.... Anyway, I am looking for an 02 or newer Moomba.

Required features:
V Drive
ballast system
stereo system
(basically just a good wakeboarding boat)

I want to spend no more than $30,000.

I live in Windsor Colorado, I am willing to drive to pick up a boat, but the farther away it is the better of deal I will need to justify the drive.

you can email me directly at xcmtbjason@gmail.com or reply to this post.