View Full Version : Rudder / Prop damage...please help!

07-08-2006, 06:30 PM
Today, i really messed up....

I was putting the 2000 Outback LS back on the trailer (at a crappy launch with gradual slope) and I drug the rudder on the concrete ramp as i was almost on the trailer. I think the rudder bent, and bent around as the boat came back off of the trailer. I put it in reverse...slight noise...then forward....big ding ding....back to neutral (okay). Well the results are....(after walking it onto the trailer)...steering is stiff at some points, rudder looks bent, prop has dings, and one blade really feathered. Somehow, the rudder looks like it got bent/spun almost 180 degrees (as the boat came back off the trailer)?? Never thought this could happen to the rudder. Well, all else looks okay, but it is definitely going into the shop for repairs. But, it will be an insurance job....go Ski-Safe!!

Brian Raymond...and others take a look at the rudder, and rudder arm positions and compare to what you have. Doesnt this look messed up? The rudder is definitely bent, right?

All thoughts and comments are appreciated. (dont laugh, not til its fixed)

(below) rudder looks slightly offset and bent to the left


(below)The rudder is straight, the rudder arm is to the left


(below) The rudder arm is to the left - rudder is straight.

(below) Rudder arm is straight, but rudder is almost 90 deg left.


(below 2 pics) Rudder arm to right, rudder almost 180 degree backwards


(FYI the loose nut...was loosened by myself after the fact)


07-08-2006, 06:37 PM

Image of rudder at near 180 deg, rudder arm is to the right.

07-08-2006, 06:49 PM
here are the pics:
(below) rudder looks offset and slight bend to left
(below)Rudder arm to the left, rudder is straight
(below)Rudder is to the left, when rudder arm is straight.
(below) Rudder arm is to the right, and rudder is almost 180 degree backward

07-09-2006, 09:55 PM
I think i figured how it happened. The rudder arm should never go to the right. It should be almost straight up (for right turn), directly left (for going straight), and left / back (for left turn). Somehow, when the rudder scrapped as it was coming back off the trailer, the backward pressure pushed the rudder arm to straight forward, and past, then as i turned the wheel...the arm went to the right (instead of left)....turning the rudder around the opposite direction....hitting the prop. It will still cost me, but at least i know how things got screwed up. ps