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07-07-2006, 01:04 PM
Hey Everybody,

Sorry for these dumb questions but I'm newer to boating and want to make sure I buy the right stuff. I'm assuming the standard 310 hp engine in Outback V is ok. Is it necessary or worth considering more hp? Thanks again.

07-07-2006, 01:35 PM
I have the 04 Outback with the carb and the 310 hp is definately sufficient. The upgrade would be nice because fuel injection is always more efficient on gas and operates smoother and as a bonus you get more hp. More hp is more hp which, for the different size boats and different activities is debateable as to how much is needed.

I have had to tweak my carb rich/lean and idle screw settings. I had rather have the fuel injection as a personal preference with boat operation being the main issue over more hp. Inboards in general are designed for the pull of skiers instead of overall top end. I kneeboard, ski the course, float, cruise around and so far I have never blamed a lack of hp on anything that went wrong.

07-07-2006, 01:38 PM
SD2 in 1..2..3..

I have a carb, and only complaint I have with boat. Own an '02 Mobius, and wish I had the EFI. I am going to see the fine boys at Lakota Watersports this weekend about a new one, and will not buy w/out. If you wakeboard or have small children that play at lower speeds, do not leave the dealer without perfect pass.

07-07-2006, 02:19 PM

Gotta have fuel injection. You cannot even buy a car without it.

You will save the money in fuel and resale value. FI is one of the top 5 things most valued in a used boat. Plus - much lower tinker factor.

Say high to George for me. Tell him Brandon tore up the wake last weekend. He was clearly using the instruction he got June 25th.

Are you going to the dark side (Supra)?

Ditto PP and heaters, heaters are big if you want to stay on the water with the little ones.

Dual batteries will be my next boat addition.


07-07-2006, 04:36 PM
This guy lives in Arizona. He could use the heater for cooling, I suppose. Supra? Nope, still too tight to do that, although he does have a couple really sweet ones. Think I'm going Mobius LSV, but he has a great deal right now on a DD '06 LS. May have him order one, as I do not need a trailer.

07-07-2006, 11:44 PM

Thread hijacking

Will Arizona wish he had a heater before or after LDD wishes he had a trailer?

My money is on the heater but LDD could need the 20 hour servicing before AZ has a cold morning. It will be close.


07-08-2006, 07:11 AM
sd2, what is this dark side you talk about ;)

I had a 310 carbed on my outback. Never really had any troubles with it. Just a little more stubborn to start on first outing of the day.

Went to the 325 efi and wow what a difference. It starts much better and I agree with the resale.


07-10-2006, 05:20 PM
I ride year-round in the Phoenix area and the heater is a must for six months out of the year and for the other six - you actually foget that it is there.

Get EFI. Get the tandem trailer. And get it all from Dan Lee at Surfside Boat Center in Tempe. My 2c.

07-10-2006, 07:03 PM
1c each :p

07-11-2006, 01:06 AM
Have a 310 carb in 99 Mobius and runs with out much trouble. Pulled 8 skiers out of the water last weekend with 3 adults in boat.


07-11-2006, 05:52 PM
I love my roller motor w/ carb. Shade-tree Mechanic friendly.

07-25-2006, 09:17 PM
I have the 06 Outback V with 235 Assult MPI: It is AWSOME. Never have to worry about cold starts!


07-25-2006, 09:22 PM
Sorry Fat Fingers 325 HP. -Anyway spend a few extra dollars today. You will be pleased with the performance and it can only help resale.