View Full Version : Down and Out!!!!

07-06-2006, 11:14 PM
Well, I was out about 2 weeks ago in the brand new XLV in 30 ft of water and hit a stump. I don't really classify it as a stump since I've never seen a stump 30 ft tall, but none the less. I was slowing to a stop in neutral and hit it at about 8 mph right on the strut. I jumped in immediately and checked underneath but couldn't see any obvious damage to the prop, rudder or shaft. Took it to the dealer yesterday and the strut was bent as well as the shaft. Prop looks good so that is a rebalance issue. No glass damage and still waiting to see if there is any v-drive damage.

I am supposed to be leaving for vacation on the 11th for 10 days at Ouachita, but that appears to be delayed. The estimate without teardown was 1800.00. Had my outback ls 4 years and never had any damage. Just thought I would vent.

On another note, my goofy twin brother decided to buy a Super Air Nautique today, so at least I'm not out of transportation on the lake. Tried to talk him into a Moomba but some people you just can't reach!


07-07-2006, 07:55 AM
I feel ya, M.................the first couple scratches I got KILLED me.
Funny analogy though.......my son likened taking the boat out to throwing a new bowling ball for the first time......hits the ball return system and, viola, scratches in your new ball. Then with additional throws, another, then another, then......
This past weekend we were rafted up at the bar and someone noticed one of my pop-up cleats had worked loose causing a minor chip in the gelcoat right under the cleat. When I got home that evening I checked all of them, sure nuff, all were coming loose to some extent so I pulled out my 1-1/4" deep well socket and sungged them back down. Ya really got to stay on top of stuff. Soon as you let your guard down............