View Full Version : JL Audio M880 or Exile SXT9Q without a sub

04-02-2016, 01:22 AM
Have a couple questions on these speakers. Any insight would be appreciated.

1. Does anyone have the JL M880/770s on an OZ (2014 Mojo) tower and if so do the fixed clamps work ok or do you need the swivel clamps for decent positioning?

2. I don't have a sub and I am only adding one pair of tower speakers, which speakers between the JL M880 and Exile SXT9Q will give me the best overall sound? Will the Exiles sound ok without a sub? I am assuming the bigger driver and tweeter on the JLs will produce a bigger range and fuller sound? I don't have dealers near me so I can't demo either.

I really prefer the clamps/brackets/support that the Exiles provide but wondering if the smaller driver/tweeter will be sufficient with only one set and without a sub. We don't wakeboard much so most of the usage will be for surfing and hanging out swimming in a cove etc.

04-02-2016, 07:27 AM
RE #2. The tower zone and sub zone are just that, different zones. The tower is also quite detached from the normal woofer placement, so its hard to blend the two zones together like the relationship between in-boats and a woofer. Further, full rage tower speakers will only deliver mid-bass, and not bass. Even then, pod size is a limiting factor. In other words, an 8" driver, which both the 880 and sxt9 are, would likely have better perceived mid-bass if they were placed in a larger pod. I would not hinge by tower decision based on an in-boat woofer or not.

Between the 880 and sxt9, as noted, both are an 8" mid-bass. There may be a slight size difference in actual dimensions, but not enough to make a difference anywhere. However, the 880 does have the larger tweeter, which can be an advantage, especially while underway to overcome the engine and wind noise.

If you want the most mid-bass out there from a tower pods, I suggest the Wet Sounds Rev-10. Available with Swivel clamps that not only pass the speaker leads through the clamp, but also four leads for RGB LEDs.