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07-05-2006, 09:00 PM
After four glorious days on the lake, I have a few opinions on stuff. Here ya go:

Plex goggles are still the best. The Overton’s Gladiators - $16 on sale are ok, but one of 3 were destroyed in a crash. The strap was gone. They will also waterlog and sink over time.

Monster tube is still the most popular tube with the smaller kids, and still a manageable size.

The Super Mabel three person chair is huge! Fun tube but some stitch unraveling on the attach point behind the chair was annoying. The guy that bought it could not really pull it with a 240 hp i/o. I had no trouble with it and a Tomcat. The Tomcat is a good tube.

I have always considered the new Obrien Airrageous kneeboard to be a lesser board than the older version but I got on the new one in some serious chop. The board did very well. Not as much air on flat water but better than tubing in the midday mix.

If you have a second battery, the lights should also be routed through the non-starter battery as well as the radio. Especially if your Supra lights up like a runway.

The CWB hinge bindings and ERA 124/Science 143 were the only boards used once tried. By the third day, no one even bothered to bring their own board down to the boat. The bindings are that much better.

The XXL Liquid Force lifejacket was very popular with the bigger guys. They are thinner than the usual life jacket and ride very well. I still wear a Parks and Bodyglove but LF was the jacket of choice for most adults.

Good Boat Rules:

If you drop, your turn is done. If you crash, you can choose to continue. This is especially important if your rider is my daughter who had developed a habit of dropping just for fun.

Ski/wakeboard and skate – they ride first. Then kneeboard. When they are done then we will go get the tubes. It gets a lot of kids off the tubes and on to the boards where they belong.

Quotes of the week:

While making fire with flint and sending the boys to find wood. “If you can find it, it is probably too big.” (yes, we did start the fire with flint.)

I did get some hammock time. Off to swim team.


07-05-2006, 11:35 PM
We have the same rules regarding skiing/wakeboarding/wakesurfing then tubing.

Airhead 60" tube fits perfectly jammed in open bow of the outback V.