View Full Version : 2016 West Coast Supra / Moomba Meet?

03-18-2016, 06:11 PM
Anyone given any idea or thought to a West Coast Meet? Shasta Lake, Ca is a good centrally located place for most. Lots of Resorts to choose Houseboats to rent from. Also looks like we are gonna have a full lake here in the next few weeks. We are only 29 feet from the top, up 3.5 feet in the last 24hrs.

Here are a couple of the better Houseboat Resorts to rent from if people are curious.




Looks like Silverthorn and Jones Valley Resorts are have 20% sales right now.

Lets hear from the West Coasters to see what everyone thinks.

03-21-2016, 02:14 PM
No one is interested?

06-15-2016, 04:31 PM
NO one? Shasta Lake is only 10ft from the top right now, and still have water coming in.