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06-26-2006, 02:19 PM
hey guys,

Im wondering if I can do the oil change on my outback or if i should take it to get a marina to do it (not the moomba dealer).
I used to change the oil all the time on my I/O but have no idea how its done on an inboard... I know it isnt rocket science but, also dont want to do anything that will affect my warranty..

06-26-2006, 02:25 PM
Smartz, Very easy to do yourself.

You can either use the long oil drain hose thur your plug opening or buy a oil tempo changer. Those are very nice because it goes straight in the dipstick hole and a few pumps and it's all out.

Make sure the oil is warm which will allow it to drain much faster.


06-26-2006, 03:52 PM
I do mine as well.
Tip for the oil filter - get your self a plastic bag ( I use a medium size zip lock bag)
Put the bag around the oil filter before you loosen it - the oil from the filter will stay in the bag. No oil mess in the bottom of your boat!
I use the long oil drain hose.

06-26-2006, 04:41 PM
Ill have to take a look when I get home.. see if I understand this... so from what you are saying the drain hose is already attached? or something I must attach? and do I feed the drain hose through tghe opening where the plug goes?

Bare with me here .. first timer... certainly dont want to make any mistakes!!

06-26-2006, 04:49 PM
Smartz, It should be attatched where the oil drain plug is at. Most time it is clipped along a stringer. And yes just drop it thru the hole.

Easy job. I like using the pump better.

The advice you received on the filter is very good. I do the same thing and put some absorbant towels in the bilge to catch what little will drop when you remove the filter.


06-26-2006, 05:03 PM
anyone know if doing this myself will affect the warranty? as well as which oil and how much?

06-26-2006, 05:09 PM
I don't know aout the warenty effect.

Use 15W40 Marine grade oil.
The user maunal give all the specs on the oil.
I just get the NAPA brand 15w40.

My old boat I used Amsoil, expensive oil changes. I thought it was cool since I consided my boat to be my race car or Corvette.
No my thoughts are I am only going to have this boat for a few more years. NAPA oil is fine.

06-26-2006, 05:28 PM

From the INDMAR website FAQ section.
QUESTION: What type of oil should I use? Can I use synthetic oil?

ANSWER: Indmar recommends (and uses at our factory) Pennzoil Marine 15W40 Motor Oil. If Pennzoil 15W40 Marine Oil is not available in your area, we suggest using 20W40 or 20W50 oil meeting the API specification of SJ/CG4 or better. Synthetic oil that meets our requirement of 15W40and API rating of SJ/CJ4 is acceptable to use after 100 hours or operation with the recommended (not synthetic) oil. The use of synthetic oil does not alter the requirement for oil changes at 50-hour intervals. Older operatorís manuals, and other publications that are not regularly updated will not be revised to show this latest engine oil recommendation. Current operatorís manuals, and other service publications that receive regular updates will receive this revised recommendation the next time they are updated .

I downloaded the owners manual from their site and in chapter 6-1 there is no mention of how much oil to use. I suspect this is because there are different engine liter sizes. For a 5.7 liter I believe we are to use 5 quarts but am not positive. Also have a separate quart for filling your new oil filter 1/2 way prior to installing it which will not use too much of that quart. The manual contains directions for you to change the oil and warnings about burning yourself. Im no rocket lawyer but I would think that if Indmar publishes directions for changing the oil then they intend it is ok for you to do it yourself.

I always change my own oil, and tranny fluid, and impellar. Its really not that hard. The thru-hull oil drain is perfect.

Sorry for the long thread

06-26-2006, 10:07 PM
Good advice from everyone that offered. You'll have no problems doing it. I can only think of one thing to add. If this is a new boat and your first oil change you may want to consider taking it in to the shop. For the first service they give everything a good going over and check stuff like shaft alignment. I could see things like that possibly effecting your warranty if it caused problems down the road. Anything other than that, do it yourself.

06-26-2006, 10:59 PM
I got the boat 1st weekend in August last year had the 20 hr service / oilchange done at the dealer. put it in storage 1st week of October. Had the Marina change the oil and winterize it. I havent personally done anything to it... this will be the first.. Im not new to boats just to inboards.

06-28-2006, 01:09 PM
I change myself and echo the comments above it is pretty easy, now that I have a pump out device.

I could not complete the job when I tried to use the quick drain tube. First the oil drain tube would not reach past the drain plug. It would just sit in the hole and pour oil all over the wake plate. Second, I could not get the oil to run out the driain tube. It would just barely trickle out, even after warming up the engine to operating temp, and since I store the boat in a stoage shed about 2 miles form the lake it was not feasible to get the boat there(engine temp cooling during th drive) and let it sit overnight nor was it feasible to wait at ramp for the oil to run out and when it did it was all over the wakeplate.

Enter the pump out device, oil change completed in 20 minutes, less time than it took to figure out that the oil drain tube was not long enough to go out the drain plug hole. Also it was very clean given the suggestion above to put the oil filter in a plastic bag.

06-28-2006, 02:30 PM
Thanks guys,

Im definatley going to invest in one of these pumps!

06-28-2006, 02:34 PM
I've got one. Works great.

07-06-2006, 07:34 AM
Yea, definitely buy one of those Tempo pumps they are great. I do all my own maintenance, winterizing and everything. It is not that hard, but the first time it took a few hours since I had to figure out what I was doing. Also, as for the engine oil capacity, I believe there is a chart somewhere in the Indmar manual that list all the capacities and part numbers (for filters and spark plugs and such) in it.