View Full Version : Major Announcement from Wake the World!

Wake the World
10-05-2015, 12:45 AM
Wake the World is proud to announce a new nationwide campaign called “Lake Love”. This is a lake beautification project. (aka picking up trash). What makes this campaign different is that it involves hash tagging, social media, sponsors & swag!
Here’s the simple explanation of how it works;
• You pick up trash at the lake
• Take pictures of you & your friends doing this awesome thing
• Upload pics to social media
• Hashtag sponsors
• Sponsors randomly send you stuff
Our date is set for Saturday, October 17th.
Here’s where I need your help. I have been working with the nationally recognized companies to be sponsors (basically agreeing to give you guys stuff for doing something awesome and hashtagging their company). I need help with getting the local dealers and marinas on board. The more local shops that are involved the more swag that it is available and in turn more people will want to pick up trash. This project will be…
• Good for the environment
• Raise awareness
• Give local shops national attention
• Introduce more people to Wake the World
• Good exposure for national sponsors
• Low cost for sponsors
• Creates a buzz on social media
• You get to feel good about doing something awesome
Contact your local shop or marina, ask them to be involved, send them to our website for the details. www.wtwlakelove.org
Our National sponsors so far are: Wake the World, Tige, Centurion, Supreme, ZUP, SeaTow, Above the Wake, Alcoa & Jibtopia
I am waiting to hear back from the other boat manufacturers and board companies, no one has said no.
Locally we have: Old North State Marina, Crazy Horse Marina, Lilly’s Bridge Marina, Race City Marine, Grandpa’s Marine, North Point Watersports, Charlotte Ski Boats, Boat Dock Marine, Blueway Paddle & Summit Construction.