View Full Version : Spent time on a Craz on Sunday

08-10-2015, 08:44 AM
first off...

a huge thank you to forum member 07sti for allowing me to spend an hour on his brand new craz. He trailered the boat over 30 minutes from Neenah to Depere to spend the day. It was he, his wife and 2 kids. They are great people and if you get thru the area, look them up. hoping to spend more time with them and have this forum to thank for yet another great meeting.
that being said, I have to first apologize for not taking any pics. I forgot my phone in my boat. hope the owner will post a few up..

now onto my perceptions of the boat for the hour or so I was on it.
Moomba has done a great job with their metalflake. has the bass boat sparkle but just enough to look good. have seen several 'bu's with flake and they do look like a bassboat. moomba has done a nice job keeping it tasteful but visible. Boat looks huge on the trailer and when talking to the owner, he has to loosen the board racks to get under their 8ft garage door. a testament to how tall the boat is. this could be due to the trailer design as boat does sit above the fenders. think there could be a play to manufacture the rails a few inches lower. tons of freeboard on this boat. tied up next to my 22ve, it towers over it. feels an inch or 2 higher than my buddies mondo. moomba has done a great job with this new round of gel coat colors and graphic packages..

couple observations as I didn't crawl around this as I would/will at the next boat show: still don't really dig the dash design. functional but don't find it stylish. I love the toggle switches that they are using. gives a high tech feel and the illumination is pretty cool. switches are laid out well and lots of room to add accessories with switches already installed-thx for thinking of future upgrades. this boat had a silver patterned vinyl that felt upscale and stitching looked to be high quality. seats felt well padded. storage underneath is huge. sitting at the helm, this boat had the sub, sure it's a freeair and probably needs a box, but there's a ton of room to add a box for a 12 and still have ample footroom. still not a fan of the open space under the rear bench and this boat has it. flooring was the removable seadek-ish material. loved the feel under my feet and unlike carpet, looks to be much more durable with kids on board. moomba ran logo'ed foam along the top deck from the tower to the transom. nice touch for entry/exit from a dock. my biggest complaint with moomba interiors is the drivers chair. it's quite a bit lower than either my old supra or the tige. wish the chair was a tad higher as even with the bolster up, feels like you are sitting "in" the boat rather than "above" the boat. guessing the low seat position is a byproduct of the taller topdeck and seats have not raised to match. can't figure out why and a few more times on a craz will answer, but this boat, at the same length as my 22ve felt a lot larger in the seating area. it's a very roomy boat and anyone with a large crew will enjoy the interior.

this boat had factory ballast and the ability to switch sides. he started out with the goofy side set and switched the tabs to the regular side. it switches quick and cleans up pretty fast. it has quite a bit of length to the wave. riding it tho, it's a tad small and no push to it. just like almost every other boat, it needs more weight. heard that he is going to order larger bags for it and I can't wait to surf it with more weight. the initial factory look has a ton of potential. probably the longest factory wave I have seen.

hope boater4life will chime in on the wakeboard wave. we switched and he pulled the owner on a board for a while. it looked pretty clean from what I could see and guessing it's a pretty solid out-of-the-box wake.

overall I have to give a thumbs up to moomba on the overall quality/fit/finish and the design of the boat. another home run for them. hoping that some added weight gives the wave the push it needs and if so, this will be, imo, one of the top choices in the value boat segment.