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07-20-2015, 09:45 AM
Good morning gents,
I should start by saying my first love is slalom, getting more into the wake, and have yet to try surfing but I know that surfing would be a good overall activity and so called 'future proof' the boat. This forum has been an absolute treasure trove of information so now that I'm preparing to start funneling money into projects I figure it would be best to consult those who've lived it first. Boats just a shade under 260 hours [Bought with 170 last spring] so I should have a lot of life left.

It will be a multi-season endeavor, but what would be the best organization of projects starting with 2k in upgrades? I welcome re-ordering this list if you all think it best.
1. FAE
2. GIII Ballast Upgrade & applicable bags [IBS and both rear lockers]
3. Prop upgrade
4. Perfect Pass - Mine has dual speedo's which seemed odd but this was likely an option that wasn't purchased
5. Platform

Question time:
1. For those that have gone to the surf prop, what is your top end speed, empty ballast? I trust that slalom at 34 is no problem?!
2. How have you all addressed the older platforms cutting into the wake? I remember seeing some of Trayson's modified platform a while back so DIY is possible, but is it simpler and therefore more expensive to outfit one of the newer Moomba platforms, assuming the platform bracket width's and mounts are the same?
3. I know of the 1100 bags bowing the engine dividers and the steps some of you have taken reinforcing that, wakemakers is now in that game too to my delight. Do I remember the bigger bag also causing issues with fiberglass cracks under the rear seats?
4. Was there a 900lb bag option or was that custom order I think I have seen a few of you mention?
5. Am I forgetting or not accounting for anything?

Thanks to all who have posted their pics, steps, and expertise over the years!


07-20-2015, 09:57 AM
welcome, and now lets spend your money!

A FAE is great for surfing, keeps the gas fumes down, you can make one yourself for around $40 or you could buy the official version.
I have a 2006 LSV so almost identical boats, both rear lockers have an 800 lbs bag, 300 or 400 in the locker and a 550 IBS. throws a nice wake.
not sure what prop you currently have, my main lake is at 6,000 feet so my prop accommodates the elevation. max speed is around 36.
I actually have a better slalom wake with my IBS partially filled
I have PP and love it
my platform is stock, I'm sure I could get a better wake if modified, but not of high importance for me right now.

best of luck, once you start surfing you may not do anything else.

07-20-2015, 10:15 AM
For me, PP would be the first upgrade. Then fix the ballast how you like it. Depending on weight you might think about a prop. We slalom a little bit and I don't run all that much weight so I have the ACME 1161 (the 537 with slightly different cup). It's a good "tweener" prop that gives good holeshot and still lets me have some top end.

07-20-2015, 10:54 AM
I second kaneboats suggestion on order of upgrades. The FAE is nice-to-have but I think the exhaust CO threat is over-hyped; for me, it's more about the noise reduction. How good are your other drivers? I can control the speed well without PP (surf speed does get a bit touchy) but if I want to get a decent pull, PP is a must. If you have good drivers, you can keep PP a low priority. We too are at higher elevation, so the prop was practically a necessity after the ballast. We have the ACME 1617 and love it but pulling a skier at 34 would be close, at your elevation, I think it would work.

For my money, the order of upgrades would be:
1. Perfect Pass
2. Ballast
3. Prop
4. FAE
5. Platform

07-21-2015, 09:39 AM
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll make note of those props for easier reference later on. I do notice even on glass I can fight keeping the speedo constant so it sounds like that would be a better start. I agree, the FAE wasn't a priority for the surf aspect but more so to help the stereo and even normal communication while underway.

07-21-2015, 02:15 PM
+1 on perfect pass...aka the "marriage saver". Hands down the best mod for a boat if you're letting someone else drive...especially if you're out on the line being pulled. Nothing worse than loading the line only to have the speed slow and then suuurrrggee...And when you start sacking out the boat it's a must.