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06-10-2006, 09:00 PM
I've only had my V for two weeks, but I think I need more ballast, expecially for surfing. I have the gravity III system right now. From what I've read, the backs are 250 each and the front is 600. Is this right? I'm thinking about getting the 750 pound Pro X for each side of the back. Will I need to add more to the front? Is there room to put a larger bag under the floor or will I have to set something on top?

Thanks in advance for any options,

06-10-2006, 09:01 PM
thanks in advance for any opinions, not options. :)

06-11-2006, 09:48 AM
common misconception on this board (and almost everywhere) is that you need a HUGE wake and a ton of ballast for surfing

I only need to use two 600lb bags
OK, so not a ton, but 1/2 a ton or more.
Now that's funny

06-11-2006, 02:22 PM
Not sure the 750 will fit in the v-drive box... look at the v-drive pair of sacs from fly high - 400# each , then - as Ed stated - you only want to weigh down one side, so only fill one of them. Maybe keep a 250# and use it outside the v-drive box - move the rear seat forward and put it on the same side as the 400 - that will give you 650 on one side - if that is not enough to push the corner of that boat in the water - nothing is.

Also remember to adjust the wakeplate up all the way.


p.s. - sorry - I gave an alternative OPTION as well as an OPINION. Guess I don't win the cuppie doll. :(

06-11-2006, 06:31 PM
I just measured the compartments. The 750# sacs won't fit. The 400# will though. I also looked at the sac under the bow. I was told this was 600#, but I don't think its possible. Looks more like the 370# tube sac barefoot intl has on their website. Does anyone know which is right?


06-11-2006, 08:56 PM

Thanks for the option and opinion. I'm going to call BI tomorrow and see if they caps for the drain and fill for the 250s that I have. I think with the 2 400s in the back while wakeboarding though, I'm going to have to find some way to put more weight in the front.

06-12-2006, 12:18 AM
For wakeboarding, your current front sac should be more than enough as well - you can also use the wakeplate to adjust as well.

Try before you spend more $.


06-12-2006, 07:30 PM
I believe the front bag is 450#. At least it is in my 06 LSV.

06-12-2006, 09:26 PM
Here's what I think I'm going to do. From what I can tell, the bags on either side of the engine are around 275 each. The one under the floor is about 400. I'm going to buy 2 fat bricks (150 pounds each), one for each side of the engine. They should fit in there with the 275 bags fine. So that would give me 850 pounds in the back. I can also move the fat bricks around when I want to surf. I'm going to get a bow sac for the front. I hope to get close to another 400 pounds out of that, so 800 pounds total in the bow. What does everyone think?


06-13-2006, 12:07 AM
I've only had my V for two weeks...
...1650 Lbs of ballast later...

What does everyone think?

I think you need to go enjoy your new boat more !



06-13-2006, 10:50 AM
I think this post somehow made it seem that I was only talking about surfing. I actually want to get the best wake for both surfing and wakeboarding. When I have a big group in the boat, the wake is fine. The problem is I go out in the mornings sometimes with only 2-3 people including me. This is when I'm having the problem wakeboarding, let alone surfing. With my last post, all that ballast will be for wakeboarding. When surfing, I thought I could drain the front and take the fat brick out of one side and put it on the other side of the boat. That would make about 600 pounds on the back corner. Hopefully this will be enough.

07-13-2006, 01:44 PM
Gang on my outback V for surfing i run the factory 250 rear right full and one freind sitting on the back deck. Wake plate in the middle speet 9.5 to 10 depending on wind.

i just cant attache picture :((

07-13-2006, 02:21 PM
Hey Wakesurfer,
You cant just attach a picture you must upload it somewhere on the net (there are lots of free places.. right click on any of the pics you see here look at the properties it will show where they are hosted then in your post just link it to where the picture is...hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing that pic



07-13-2006, 04:18 PM

http://thumb18.webshots.com/t/30/31/4/18/13/2681418130094275898hTqyeK_th.jpg (http://community.webshots.com/photo/2681418130094275898hTqyeK)