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06-09-2006, 09:06 AM
I have read older posts from time to time and I keep seeing people state that slalom wakes are great with the wake plate down. I have an 04 Outback without a plate. I like the wakes fine. I am always interested in making the wakes better; therefore, I wanted to make sure that Im reading correctly.... The plate is down, as in pointing down towards the bottom of the lake. Hopefully, some one can verify. Also, any ideas on how expensive it would be to have the plate installed aftermarket? Thanks in advance for your help.

06-09-2006, 10:02 AM
The larger hulls on the LS, LSV and XLV all have a stepped rear to make the hull slightly convex in the water - this wants to push the back of the boat into the water and therefore create a larger wake for wakeboarding. Add the rear engine to that in the V drives and you actually get a nice starter wake with no ballast, then add ballast and you are off to a great big wake for more advanced riders.

The wake plate is actually used to remove these effects when trying to ski, or to slighty shape the wake by pushing against the water in the aft and moving the force of the aft of the boat and lower the nose thus changing the effects of the physics in play. Even with the wakeplate - these hulls still create larger then professional slalom wakes. It is a trade-off for multi-purpose boats.

The regular outback is narrower, shorter, lighter, and has has no stepped / convex hull, and is a center engine boat. It has very little ability to create a wake. It is this reason tht it has a AWSA certified slalom wake right out of the factory. Adding a wake plate would not do much for your slalom wake. Moving the weight in your boat around probably would do more and is free. Make sure to have the least amount of weight in the boat when taking your runs - driver and single spotter is best. Don't fill your gas tank if you only need 1/4 tank a day - leave it at half when you fill up - thus giving you a 1/4" tank reserve, and about 200 lbs of freedom, move your cooler up to the front of the bow, and you are going to get the best wake that boat makes. Also running at 32MPH will be a slightly better wake than 28MPH, but that is more contingent on your ability.

The wakeplate is $895 from the factory and adding one would run you $ more in labor...

My $0.02: save your $.

Hope this helps,


06-09-2006, 10:19 AM
Thanks Joe:

All that makes more sense.... I ski with friends every week and normally behind a 99 nautique, when our course is not torn apart by others I get to use my Outback.... I really like it and after 22 off I cant really tell a difference.. Then again Im only getting to 1 or 2 balls at 32 off (34mph) I like 28 off behind both models, was just curious if a plate would make any difference on the Outback, sounds like not enough to justify the price.

06-11-2006, 09:05 PM
without reading I will say I use the plate a lot for several reasons - get it.


06-23-2006, 03:31 PM
I have an '03 Outback and use the plate. I installed it aftermarket and think it does make a difference. Cost was about $800. I think it was money well spent.