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05-16-2006, 12:40 PM
To All,

I have a 2006 Outback V that is approaching 15 hours. I purchased the boat used, thus, I have no warranty.

As I look at the owner’s manual it states that dealer service is required at 10-20 hours to change the fluids check shaft alignment and check timing.

I can do all of the fluids, but just to confirm.

Engine oil drains out bottom tube.
Transmission needs to be pumped out of filler port (no drain)
V-drive oil needs to be pumped out of filler port (no drain)

In your experience, are the dealers actually checking the shaft alignment and timing and if they are, how often are they out of specs.

Can I check the shaft alignment myself?

Basically, what are the general opinions of this inspection considering the fact that I already voided the warranty on the boat by simply purchasing it used? I hate to take the boat out of commission and spend the money when the boat is running great. I do realize that owning boats is expensive but I do not see any reason to spend the money needlessly.

I would appreciate your inputs

Pac Smith

05-16-2006, 03:32 PM
It would be well worth the money to take it in and get them to do that first oild change and full inspection... the mechanics are trained to catch things that you may not...they know what to look for. and they dont just do the engine they inspect the whole boat and trailor for you.

It was expensive (and I have warranty) but, something I wasnt about to mess around with. Expensive toy to take chances with!!

just my 2 cents!

05-16-2006, 06:33 PM
I believe there are also filters in the transmission and/or v-drive that get checked and replaced. I second the vote on having the dealership do the first check. You may be able to cut a deal with them. Tell them you will do the fuid changes and have them do the rest if they'll go for it. That may save you a few bucks. Keep in mind that they are also looking at the fluids, or should be, for any signs that something is wrong.

About the warranty. I was under the understanding that if the boat is still under warranty when you buy it you could have the warranties transferred to you for a processing fee. As new as your boat is and with the low hours you should definitely check into that.