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05-08-2006, 04:42 PM
A few weeks ago I tried starting the 99 Mobius (carb) for the first time after being in the garage since October. It would not start so the following week I put new plugs in (first time in 190 hours) and waited for another opportunity.

So this weekend I brought it back to the landing for another try. Thinking it would probalby not start, I brought som starting fluid. I also left the boat secured to the trailer at the back so I would not have to worry about alignment coming out of the water if it failed to start.

After almost a full can of ether and multiple tries the best I could get out of it was some slow chugging and then it would die.

Drug it back to the dealer (only about 35 miles) and he put it on the hose and it fired right up.

Here is what I found out.

1. After 6 years of owning this boat I found I have been starting wrong. I always just advanced the choke to about half way and it would start. The service tech said I should pump the choke full range 2-3 times to force the accelerator pump to push more fuel.

2. Perhaps more intersting, by leaving the boat tied to trailer at stern the back pressure on the exhaust was probably too great for the engine to overcome to generate enough rpm to generate the vacuum needed in the carb to get things going.

3. If you are nice to the service folks and patient they may just service you right away and for free. Kudos to Forest Lake Motor Sports in MN.

Good news is that I got my second earliest ever 'first day skiing' yesterday.

Moral of story is 'Always disconnect rear tiedowns before starting motor'.

Now I just have to pay for all those night over the winter when I was going to work out - but didn't...


05-08-2006, 06:55 PM
Forest Lake! I know a Forest lake in MN, then again there are several. Forest Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids MN, a nice place for a drink if you are ever in town.


P.S. Reason 347 as to why fuel injection rocks :p