View Full Version : St. Charles on/off the Water Boat Show

wolff supra21v
09-25-2014, 04:14 PM
An one on here from the St. Louis MO. area?
There is an on/off the water boat show this weekend.
I got reservations to test and new Malibu and new Mastercraft X-10 on the water. Not planning on buying any time real soon. (beginning of the year I had my eye on a new Supra SC but bought 40 acres with a possibility to make into a ski lake so now I have to wait on the new boat)
But my goal for the summer was to test out all the different surf systems.
So far I been in an axis (not real impressed it was owned by a know it all type of guy and had the boat weighted completely wrong)
Also went out on a supra SC and really loved the surf wake and the wake board wake.
One of my friends just got a G21 hoping to get on it before it gets to cold. (the surf wake looks sick on this boat also)