View Full Version : Facebook search help - please!

08-26-2014, 02:14 PM
Can someone please point out to me where the “graphics search” tool is on facebook?

OR…. if you know how to do a facebook search, could you please do a huge favor and try it for me?

I’m trying to get in touch with someone. Been trying everything even faxing the Elkins, W. Va Walmart where he says his relatives work.

Figured I’d ask for help here too.

On my way to South Carolina last Thursday, I picked up a homeless fellow who was hitchhiking with his puppy in 97 degree heat.

Picked him up in Eustis, Florida and took him 33 miles into South Carolina on I-95.

I’d love to know the wellbeing of this guy – especially his dog. I loved his dog - 6 months old.

He said several times he was a facebook user

Search Keywords:

Guys last name = Leary ( I think the guys first name is Bill, but I’m not positive)

Dogs name = Zora

He was heading for his sister’s house near Chesapeake

and then on to his brother’s house in Elkins, West Virginia

He started his journey in Apopka, Florida

Gotta state – spending some time with a homeless guy who has nothing (he had absolutely no money with him) and who keeps a very positive attitude about life and people,
certainly makes one appreciate the things that one is blessed with. It was pretty obvious his dog “Zora” loved the guy.
Very enlightening experience for my wife and I.