View Full Version : Won't start - first time out this year

04-24-2006, 12:52 AM
So I am all amped to get teh boat in the water today. Sllowly ease the trailer in and float the boat. Turn the key and the winter foggin oil lites up and creates a large plume of smoke. then nothing.

I could not get it to start. I have a 1999 Mobius with carb. Properly winterized every year.
What i have not done is change spark plugs or fule filter in 190 hours. In know.... I know ....

Is that a good place to start? I pulled a plug and it was damp and black, but no deposits or corrosion or wear.

I pt the thing away with last fall with a full tank. Shop was supposed to add stabilizer, but I wonder if I add some gas treatment or something if that might work

Can someone tell me where exactly the fule file would be on this engine? 5.7L Indmar with Carb.

Can you use ether on these engine to encourage them to fire??


04-26-2006, 05:34 PM
I had a problem after I brought my boat out of storage last year. I just dumped a small amount of gasoline directly into the carb and it fired up. It ended up being a fuel pump that went bad over the winter. You can dump raw gas into the carb to see if it will fire, just be very careful about it. I definitely would not recomend doing it out on the water and would try it in the driveway with the boat hooked up to the fake a lake. First I'd try pulling the plug again and use a wire to ground it, then spin the motor and see if you're getting any spark. You can also jump a 12 volt source directly to the fuel pump with the motor off to see if the pump spins.

04-26-2006, 05:40 PM
Ya i have heard that people have had success spraying gas directly into the carb to get it going. However others have also posted its a good way to set your boat or yourself on fire... If you are doing this be very careful!!