View Full Version : wakeboarding behind the mondo

07-31-2014, 08:51 AM
well, anyone that knows me will say that I don't wakeboard much at all and am not very good at it, but I do strap the board on a time or 2 each season. last night was my first run of the year for all of 10 minutes or so. hit the lake in a buddies Mondo that he picked up earlier this summer. I certainly don't have a lot of experience behind many different boats, but it is BY FAR the best wake I have ridden behind. he only has the factory setup and I was very impressed at how clean the wake was. there were 8 total, so 7 adults in the boat(for a 20+ft boat, it was not cramped at all). did have to adjust one person to get one side of the lip cleaned up but once done, it stayed very clean. for a noob, it was a tad intimidating. riding up the wake, it really seemed to have a lot of launch to get you up into the air. I would like to progress to clearing the wake and feel with a few more sessions on this boat, it would be easy to do.

kudos to SC for the hull design on this boat. it works very well.

when it was the owners turn to ride, he turned the wheel over to me. I enjoyed the drive. easy gauges to read, ergos' are very good at the helm. my only complaint was sitting low in the seat. it felt very low in the boat. I don't know if the bolster was up as I was more focused on his wake and ensuring he got a good ride, so perhaps the bolster would put my sight lines higher but it felt very low to the floor. his has the 409 in it and I don't think I was ever more than half-3/4 throttle to pull him up and the boat felt like it was moving effortlessly. the engine is a ton of power in that boat..

he doesn't have it set up for surfing yet. it will be interesting to see how the surfwave is once he gets some larger rear bags and an ibs. not sure he's in a hurry yet as he's able to get some surf time on our boat whenever he wants.

anyone considering the mondo from a boarding standpoint should not hesitate to pull the trigger..