View Full Version : Electrical problem?

07-20-2014, 08:59 PM
Alright fellas I've got a 2000 Möbius V, and I recently had to replace the starter. When I was takin it out I noticed the radio wire was ran to the starter, so it would play while the key was turned over. (Not started) When I removed it some wires touched and sparked, I checked all the fuses after this on the radio and the amp and they were good, no problems there, but the left 3 switches on my dash panel (Nav/Bilge/Blower) do not work now, the right 3 work (ballast fill and empty). Where should I start lookin for a problem here? I know a decent amount about wiring, but all my switches are in a row, there's no separation so I'm confused as to why the right 3 work and the left 3 don't. Any suggestions?