View Full Version : Boat pricing question

07-20-2014, 01:21 PM
Im in the very early stages of considering upgrading our boat and waa looking for some help regarding pricing to know if an upgrade is actually feasible or not. Ive really no clue as far as trade in vs private party values.

2012 lsv 250hrs stock 330hp
v2 tower with bimini
aftermarket wake/surf swivel racks from samson
g3 ballast with 750s in each locker
stereo in my signature (will probably remove rev8s, sd2, ws420 and put stock pair of r9s back in)
3 batteries with selector and charger
tandem trailer
custom cover

Boat is in meticulous condition with a few scratches on the tower from the old racks. Not looking to list the boat yet which is why i didnt put this post in the classifieds.