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07-19-2014, 07:29 PM
Ok I know this comparison is little off seeing as how the LSV fits inbetween them , but both are newer hull styles and designs. I demoed a 13 LSV with the new top deck makeover and just wasn't impressed. It drove really weird loaded up and wanted to hook and lean over at times. It also propised like crazy with factory filled and 500 in the nose. Just didn't have a good experience. The previous generation LSV seemed to have a better wake. So here we are at these two boats.

Little about my background I have a 2000 XStar with 1200hrs logged on it. I run about 3k in it at 24.5mph and 80ft. Got about 5 inverts Bs 360 and all the 180's. My wakeboarding has peaked it is more on the downturn as I am really not trying anything new. 2 shoulder surgeries and 3 knees are catching up( only one of all those is from wakeboarding) . My wife rides empty with just the bow ballast at 21.5 and 65ft. I have 2 daughters 10-7 that are loving life behind the boat. I need little more space and would also like to give them a wake they can progress on, while adding some above average surf ability. My star is just enough to get us surfing, but nothing to write home about. The wakeboard on it is washed out even empty at anything below 21mph. My SC dealer is top notch and the reason Moomba is on the list. I am also considering an Axis T22 as well if anyone wants to chime in on a comparison. I have been inside all the 14 Moombas, just only behind a 13 LSV and several years of Outbck V's with the newest hull and I love they way their boats have gone styling and finish wise.

So here is what I am looking for.
- low speed clean wakes at say 17-20mph
- firm crisp,wakeboard wakes I won't need to dump 5k in ballast in to achieve. I would like it all hidden ( including the bow weight)
-good-great surf wake on the goofy side. 3 out of the 4 of us are goofy.
-I would also like a not so side to side sensitive boat. I have 3 buddies who all now own newer Outback V's with the drop keel hull and it's very sensitive on people placement left to right.

I find myself pulling out a surfboard more these days but still love wakeboarding. I can handle possibly going with little less wakeboard wake than the Star to gain some space and surfability. However I like a poppy, steeper wake like the original star can throw. So hit me up with your thoughts and comments. I plan on demoing them both but just looking to hear some opinions. I did a search, but nothing really touched on the low speed wakes or compared these two boats specifically wakeboard wake shape wise.

Thanks in advance.

07-19-2014, 09:48 PM
Welcome to the Forum, I can understand your concerns with the LSV. As for the drive quality I think the dealer needs to look at the weight settings to keep it from porpoising. As for the LSV wanting to drift or pull hard when loaded, this is due to the off center rudder.

On to the Mondo, Mojo.

Surf wakes are really nice, all ballast can be hidden. Wakeboarding loaded and the faster they go the better they clean up.

Down sides.

Side to Side is still sensitive, there is a couple threads and sections talking about that on this forum.

Goofy wave is very finicky, I think you find this on all 3 boats your looking at, Mondo, Mojo, Axis.

Wake boarding below 20, the only boat I have seen and heard a lot about slower then 20 clean wake boarding is the Axis.

Honestly though from your description of your current family, the hours on your old boat, it sounds like you want to keep this new boat a long time, and use it a lot. In that case I would say Mondo is off the list.

As your girls grow up they will want more and more friends, the huge difference in space of the Mojo and Axis A22 will leave the Mondo behind. Spend the extra money and get a bigger boat.

Ultimately you really need to take the 3 on the water, look at the wake board waves at the speeds you want, and then Surf the Goofy.

I have done tons of goofy weight dialing in on the Mojo, LSV and my findings are working with the Mondo too. So to get the surf wave dialed in and looking, surfing good is the easy part.

The Wake boarding behind these boats is what will make a difference I think.

07-20-2014, 01:30 AM
Thanks for the info

The hook was more of a lean I guess I would say. When you initiated the turn the boat would start to turn nice and level then as you started to crank it a bit tighter for a double up or a tight turn in a narrow river it would shift pretty hard to a full lean. It wasn't the tracking or a "pull" so to speak it was more of a sharp roll.

I am def leaning Mojo, but as you mentioned found some comments on the goofy wake that made it really touchy to dial for surfing. However I have seen some great reviews on the Mondo.

Thanks again for the details. So of the 3 which do you think surfs goofy the best? LSV included

07-21-2014, 12:33 PM
I don't surf goofy

According to my crew, Mojo surfs goofy better then LSV

Axis never surfed it.

07-21-2014, 03:45 PM
I picked up a Mondo last year and the main reason I went with it was due to storage in my garage. I am very happy with the boat and my kids are about your age (12 and 9). My daughter,12, wakeboards at 19.5 mph @ 65 ' (rope set at 65', 70 if you count the handle). Any rope length past that you would need to speed up. I typically go at the same distance at 21 mph. Occasionally I do add 5' in to practice a little. I think the wake on my Mondo is steeper than a LSV. A friend has a 2013 LSV and his is less "rampy". I also took a lesson from a pro this year and his boat was a 22 MXZ and it was less rampy than the Mondo also. I have upgraded the back bags to 900's and added the 650 ibs. I also surf goofy and I am pretty happy with wake (I don't have the flow installed, yet :-) ). The Mondo is side to side sensitive and even when folks wakeboard I will move them around to clean up the wake a little. When you demo just realize the factory ballast is a little low in my opinion. Once I upgraded my ballast it made a big difference in my surf/wake wave!

If you live anywhere near lake lanier in GA I would be glad to give you a tow.

Have fun looking and good luck!

07-21-2014, 05:30 PM
my cousin bought an a22 this spring just for the low speed wakeboard ability for his kids and the wake for he and his wife at higher speeds. knowing that boat is a solid wakeboard performer, he is not as happy with the surf performance of it and did get surfgate. they are wakeboard first and only surf for a few pulls just to say they did.
if all you are going to do is wakeboard, it's pretty hard to beat the axis wake, but looking at what you are wanting to do and knowing the kids will eventually move on and now you have the boat to yourself, I'd strongly consider the mojo. you will now have a boat that will surf much better and as you get older the surf wake will become more and more of a priority(trust me, I know this :) ). looks like you are making a longer term purchase so I would put more stock into the surfwake than low speed wakeboard as the kids will get better as they get older.

now comparing interiors, for me, the mojo is a no brainer over the axis. the unfinished look under the seats and the windshield/tower put moomba heads and shoulders above the axis.

all my .02 but mojo vs a22 would put the mojo in my garage every time..

07-21-2014, 09:43 PM
Thanks a ton guys. Yea the A22 really doesn't do it interior wise, exterior wise, but the T22 has a completely different look inside. It is more surf specific than the A22 with the T22 having a bit more of a refined look inside as well. I really think the Moomba's overall finished product is ahead of Axis boat wise. From all the info I am reading hopefully the test drive will seal the deal on the Mojo. Heading out tomorrow. Should be hitting up a Mondo the following day and the T22 after that.

I am bringing 750's for the rear and my ibs. Will the ibs fill completely under the bow seats? Or do you run it on top? I ask because in my XStar I have to run it on top and it wipes out the bow seating which I am hoping I can save in the Mojo/Mondo due ton the fact they are much deeper in the bow area.

07-21-2014, 10:52 PM
I am bringing 750's for the rear and my ibs. Will the ibs fill completely under the bow seats? Or do you run it on top? I ask because in my XStar I have to run it on top and it wipes out the bow seating which I am hoping I can save in the Mojo/Mondo due ton the fact they are much deeper in the bow area.

I run a 650 ibs under my seats in the Mondo. I tied it into the factory hard tank. Lots of help on this forum for doing that mod. You can do a search on the MOJO and get more than you want to know. I did remove the cup holders since it put a little pressure on them. I made a small plate to cover the openings because sometimes I don't use the bow filler cushion. Been meaning to post it up. The MOJO has plenty of room for the 650. You could probably put two ibs' in that beast!

07-22-2014, 05:06 PM
So took the Mojo for a test ride today. Was very very impressed. I didn't get many pics because the lakes were blown out with whitecaps in most spots. So taking pics wouldn't have done the boat justice. I was able to get some calm water here and there to really get a feel tho.

Rode it stock plus 600 in the walkway to wakeboard and when we surfed we moved it even along the rear bench. The boat handled awesome. I thought the standard power plant possibly may struggle under load but it was no problem. The goofy wave took a little bit to dial but we got it going. We found fully deployed in 3 worked best for us. Speedo was off so we had to guess a bit and just throttle it up til it was clean. I never had this comment about a surf wake but the nice thing was the surf wake pocket on the goofy side was really wide. Mind you I am coming off an old XStar hull, but even compared to my buddies 14 SANTE 210 i could take my slashes much wider and keep the push behind me.
The wakeboard wake was right up my alley. Nice, steep and poppy . Rode somewhere 24mph at 75ft. I normally ride 24.5 at 80 bit this wake was def bit wider than my original XStar wake.

My only gripes are the cheap glove box knob that popped out everytime we tried to get in and the swivel racks. The racks kept rattling loose and spinning back into boat like missiles. Very dangerous with my two young ones on it. Luckily the youngest wasn't taller otherwise she would have a nice shiner.

The boat drove really nice also. Rock solid feel. Minimal lean in the turns and just felt great. Waiting to get in a Mondo to compare the wakes before I ultimately decide. They just sold the one Mondo they had rigged so probably not until next week for that demo.

07-22-2014, 10:16 PM
Glad it went well. I agree about the glove box knob. I need to get a repair on mine. I am hoping they have figured a repair on that one. Everybody that comes on my boat spins that thing. I have to tell everyone to pull it and sometimes it pops out. Just hasn't taken it back in. The spin racks are a different story. I had to have mine repaired under warranty. They switched the racks out with a new design and I have had zero issues since then. It could be the racks on the Mojo you were on has the old rack design. There is a fix for that one. My sister in law wasn't as lucky as your youngest and got smacked in the head! The 2015's will be out soon so if your patient you may get to try out the new surf specific model!