View Full Version : Very loud noise from tower??

07-19-2014, 02:28 AM
So ... The day we did the water test on our boat, I noticed a REALLY loud banging/squeaking noise coming from the right hand side of the tower. It only became noticeable when we hit rough water at a good clip. The dealer heard it and once we got back on land the tech guy came out and we mimicked the same noise by shaking the tower. Dealer assured me that they would fix it/water test it again before shipping it cross country to me.

I called the dealer a few days later and they said they found out what the issue was ... that it was missing a washer. I asked if they water tested it he said no but they would before shipping it.

The day it was picked up by the shipper, I called to make sure they water tested. He said no they didnt but he was sure it was fixed. I said if it isn't and I have to deal with this out west I will be really effing pissed.

Sure enough ... when we had it out last night the waves kicked up and it started ... and it was worse than I have ever heard it!!! I am really pissed now ... this guy at Bay Marine in Trenton Ontario Canada was a complete joke. The service I got from day 1 was horrendous but the price was too good to walk away. I should have listened to a few others who said to stay away from that place ....

Check out my vid below and let me know if anyone else has dealt with this before ...


07-19-2014, 06:09 AM
Check your plunger pins on the racks. Had that same exact noise a month ago, then the pin broke. Dealer warranty replaced that rack with new hardware and never another noise

07-19-2014, 06:46 AM
Mine started doing it after about 25 hours. Screws on bottom of spinner rack all required a qtr turn. I might remove and locktite. How did your pin break?

07-19-2014, 10:39 AM
Mine was doing the same thing. I removed and retightened the bottom tower knobs. I also found loose set screws in my swivel mounts. Tightened all and noise went away. Check were the racks attach to the tower. Those bolts may need tightening. If noises do not stop after all this, then fold down tower and spray some lithioum grease around the pivit pin.