View Full Version : more 13' swivel rack problems

06-23-2014, 10:38 PM
In a matter of 2 hours last weekend I went from two racks to none. I'm on my 2nd set of racks (replaced due to the service bulletin/recall) and Friday the port side rack machine bolt managed to works itself out and is lost to the lake now. The only thing that was holding the rack in place was the plunger pin. Shortly thereafter on the starboard side rack, the plunger pin hardware failed and all have left is the cap that you pull on (I actually have it on gopro coming apart should SC want it for warranty purposes). I managed to make one good rack between the two for the remainder of the weekend. To top if off the vinyl coating is already pulling off after 2 weekends of use. Anyone else having trouble with this, and do you think it's going to fall under the warranty or "normal wear and tear"? I've already sent off an e-mail to the dealer. He probably cringes every time I e-mail or call as I'm one of the many on here who is having the wakeplate and wakeplate gauge troubles as well.

06-24-2014, 08:08 AM
Man you are having a year like i did last year,i just got my racks replaced last week back ordered forever they just sent the swivel part i grabbed them up and dis-assembled the old ones and put the new ones on myself per are mechanic used blue lock tight on every thing so if they come loose its on me which is how i like it,didnt take long a 2 beer job one for each side,as far as the rubber coming off not yet,and as far the warranty goes i think it should cover it i mean if you keep giving me junk to replace more junk i would like to think somebody would fix the problem or get a better supplier,i like the racks when they work,just my 2 cents,on a lighter note finally got my surf wave dialed i will post pictures later.