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North Woods Mobius
06-15-2014, 12:02 AM
I'm wondering if anyone has come across this yet.... On our 3rd day with our new LSV, having an absolute blast using the Digital Cruise Pro for skiing and wakeboarding, our speedo simply stopped working - both the digital and the analogue displays. Everything else is fine, but the speedo cut out and didn't come back for the next 2 days. It was quite a pain in the butt because we were really enjoying the precision of getting pulled consistently (particularly with the wife driving!).

So I called the Dealer and he told me that this was a known problem, and is a function of a faulty paddle wheel which needs to be replaced. I guess I am little frustrated that if this was a "known problem", then I would expect to be contacted by SC or the Dealer with notification of the problem like most auto recall notices.

My questions for you guys are: 1) Has anyone else had this speedo problem or been made aware that there is an issue? And 2) Should I expect that I will be responsible for figuring out any other "known problems" on my own or should I expect to hear from SC on this kind of stuff? What have you guys typically experienced?

06-15-2014, 12:11 AM
Check these threads out. Sounds similar.



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06-15-2014, 06:28 AM
I would unplug so you don't trip the breaker and call your dealer to setup service. Yes it's a known issue but the hours that have been put on boats varied when it went. Mine went under 5 others went at almost 20.

06-15-2014, 08:10 AM
I guess I am little frustrated that if this was a "known problem", then I would expect to be contacted by SC or the Dealer with notification of the problem like most auto recall notices.

I understand your frustration. The dealers work differently and you bought a boat, not a car, and the process isn't the same.

06-15-2014, 04:24 PM
I had the issue on the water, called the dealer, got the paddle wheel replaced then found out through this forum that it was a new known issue. My expectation was that I would have been notified by the dealer as they have all of the info they need to reach out and let us know there's an issue. This bit of customer service could save me from losing hours on the water. Seems like a valuable add on service for these expensive toys.

This makes me want to become best friends with the service manager. Maybe he likes scotch?

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06-15-2014, 04:40 PM
The service bulletin was dated May 20 and I received it from my service writer May 22. My speedo went out May 23.

06-15-2014, 09:08 PM
I first noticed the issue on April 6th and it was fixed on April 7th.

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03-15-2015, 09:18 PM
Just bought a brand new 2014 LSV a couple months ago. It had .5 hours on it. Had a freakishly warm day and took it out for the first time it's EVER been on the water...low and behold, the speedometer didn't work at all. Which in turn, affected the cruise control. Guess I'll be taking it in ASAP.

03-15-2015, 10:14 PM
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03-15-2015, 10:46 PM
There is a service bulletin for the speedometer for some 2014 models. I have copied and pasted the text.

Boats effected:
2014 model year Moomba boats manufactured between October 2013 and March 2014. Serial numbers
ending in; J314, K314, L314, A414, B414, C414.
The paddlewheel circuit board may be damaged by a voltage spike the ECM can produce and may trip
the engine ignition circuit breaker within the first few hours of operation.
When the paddlewheel fails it can produce one or more of the following symptoms;
o No speed reading on the dash
o Engine breaker under the dash trips
o Engine shuts down
o Electrical smell in engine well
In order to get the engine running to return the boat, unplug the speedometer pigtail from the harness
located under the transmission cover (Image A) and reset the breaker under the dash. This will allow
the engine to safely restart.
Replace the paddlewheel with a newer unit that now has an overvoltage protection chip on the
paddlewheel circuit board within the unit. Skier’s Choice Part number 104634 looks the same as the
original paddlewheel. The overvoltage protected paddlewheel has a manufacture date of 3/14 or
greater on the label affixed to the wiring pigtail (Image B).