View Full Version : how to remove the floor on an 08 XLV

06-11-2014, 09:49 AM
Can anyone tell me how the floor comes up on a 2008 XLV?


06-11-2014, 10:41 AM
If it like my 2010 XLV there are acres hidden in the carpet along the perimeter, close to the seat bases.

I have 2 panels. One has 4 screws (in the corners), the other only has 3 screws.

May be best to locate the screws with a magnet. It took a while to find mine in the carpet.

Ian Brantford
06-12-2014, 03:53 PM
The screw locations appear to have changed over the years. Mine weren't in all of the same locations as someone documented for a different model year, long ago. However, you can find them yourself by looking in the underseat areas all the way around the floor edge. The screws will be parallel to the floor, since they are screwed sideways into the floor from the edges, where the bench seats meet the floor.

That's where most of the screws are. Special cases: front floor panel may have hard-to-reach screws way under the driver's seat (access from under bench seat behind driver), front panel may also have screws accessible from front ballast storage area, and you'll probably have to remove the carpetted firewall panel that's over the transmission to take up the rear panel on mine, a single and very visible screw holds this in place).

One the front panel, there is a long thin section that goes around the base of the driver's seat. I found this impossible to remove, but still got the flooring up enough to feed my replacement steering cable through the area. If you do not specifically need to remove the front floor panel, don't.

For the rear panel, after removing all screws, the easiest way to lift it is at the rear, where you can grab it by the ends of the sections that go to the sides of the transmission area. The ends are exposed when you remove the carpetted section of firewall. Lifting this rear panel exposed everything around the transmission, V-drive and fuel tank.