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wolff supra21v
06-02-2014, 05:13 PM
I took this from the supra site.
Anyone thinking of going to this. I do not think we will compete but we wanted to make a trip down there anyway figure we would check this out.
I am trying to decide were we are going to stay at this weekend.
we are going down late on Wednesday and coming back Sunday.

Just thought I would pass this along if anyone is interested:

Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock is bringing you the first Amateur Wake-Surfing Competition on Bull Shoals Lake. RIDE THE BULL.

Sponsors will be: CWB Boards... Inlandsurfer,.... & Liquid Force

Friday June 20th - CWB will be sponsoring a Learn to Surf and SUP Demo. Come out to meet CWB & get some practice in with a great company and experienced riders!

State a Mind Watersports will be out with their famous t-shirt launcher!https://www.stateamind.com/

Saturday June 21st - Ride the Bull Contest. Prizes will be for the best Wipe Out, Oldest Surfer, Youngest Surfer, Most family members to ride, Tandem SUP Surfing, and the Main Event Longest Time to ride without a Rope!

Longest Ride Winner will be paid out to 1st 2nd and 3rd place. You will be towed by a top of the line boat provided to you by Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock. More details coming soon!

Shotgun Divorce will be performing LIVE on the water! Come out and support one of our greatest local bands!

Award Ceremony will be held shortly after the Last competitor rides.

$25.00 entry fee to compete

Rules :
-Timer will start immediately after you let go of the rope.
-Timer will stop once both feet have left the board.
-Coast Guard Approved vest must be worn while surfing.
-You may use your own board or one will be provided.
-Interference calls (debris in the water, crowd members, object thrown etc.) This will give the rider another shot at riding. Only called by designated officials.

Failure to follow rules leads to disqualification

KG's Supra24
06-02-2014, 05:20 PM
Man, I love bull shoals! That sounds like a pretty cool event, too. Wonder if they will be able to get many people up into the backhills of Arkansas?


We stayed at the above link during brostock. The place is a little crowded but it's in that same cove (futher down into it) that brostock was in. Where we regularly saw ya'll riding ... just around the corner from the marina. The owner might throw a s**t fit when she sees your boat, though. She didn't take a liking to "our" kind. The location is top notch.

wolff supra21v
06-03-2014, 08:18 AM
KG that looks like a great place but it book up and kind of on the wrong side of the lake for us. I think it will add over an hour to our drive. Thanks though I am going to keep this link in my favorites.