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04-18-2014, 04:10 PM
It's that time of year again, I'm on bakesonline.com and I'm going to order some cleaning supplys for the boat. I'm leaning towards babes, they have a kit with everthing for 95$. There is also boat bling and boat candy. I was wondering what Yall used and what Yall think as well. I see there is a new product called z-care that cleans everything and leaves a polymer coating, and also a bilge cleaner that's also environmentally safe. I was wondering if anyone used this as well. Im thinking about picking up a bottle since my bilge needs it haha

04-18-2014, 04:37 PM
I have used Babe's on my Stingray and so far continued use on the LSV. I use 3m to wax it by hand a couple times a year, Babe's is great after each time out on the water, keeps the hull looking good. Babe's Seat Soap does a great job too. Have not used the boat wash that comes in the kit.

04-18-2014, 09:23 PM
i texted mike and he uses the hot sauce by boat bling and he loves it..ill have to see what one will be cheaper then

04-18-2014, 09:26 PM
Check out biokleen they make marine, snowmobile and atv stuff. Used for a few years now and does a great job

04-18-2014, 09:27 PM
i have used the boat bling hot sauce when i take the boat out of the water and it works pretty well. For wax i think 3m works the best and the seats i use 303 aerospace protectant it works great and leaves a uv protections on the interior. YOu can also use it on the gel coat to do a quick shine and protect.

04-18-2014, 09:30 PM
i was thinking that hot sauce and then after it dries ill go over it with the 303

04-18-2014, 10:01 PM
Do you get tough hard water spots? If so Hot Sauce rocks!

04-19-2014, 12:11 AM
not really..i have the black mildew more then anything..i have tried the starbrite mildew cleaner and its ok

Cigars n scotch
04-19-2014, 06:14 PM
I use boat bling products and have been really happy for the last 3 yrs. hot sauce. Vinyl sauce and conditioner sauce. All work great for my boat.

I have that black mildew in the seams under my lockers and engine hatch near the blower fans, I need to clean it.

04-19-2014, 11:51 PM
Performance boat candy products are solid as well

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04-20-2014, 08:55 AM
^^^2nd that. Got them last summer and it's good stuff.

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New Guy
04-25-2014, 09:08 PM
Yup PBC products have been great! I want to try something different on the vinyl thou. There hull products are amazing thou.

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04-26-2014, 11:48 AM
Historically I have used the Babes products and have been happy. The boat was stored outdoors (covered) this last winter and I have some mildew to clean up. I am not sure if Babes will cut it or not, I will let you know once I give it a shot later today.

04-26-2014, 04:55 PM
I was able to get about 90% of it with Simple Green. It and Babes were about the same. Since I had more Simple Green I used that. I had a brush that I used on some of it (the harder spots). They lightened up, but are not completely gone yet. I will try something a little stronger once I can get the boat out, opened up, and let it air out for a day. Right now it is still raining on and off and crappy out. Mike suggested some Peroxide. I tried, but did not get any different results than what I did with the Babes or Simple Green.

04-27-2014, 08:55 PM
I use spraynine on everything it is amazing

From mooseknuckle sledding lodge

04-29-2014, 08:57 PM
Got the new to me boat home and cleaned, the spray nine worked great on everything but some yellowing on the vinyl any ideas on this

From mooseknuckle sledding lodge

04-29-2014, 09:42 PM
Totally Awesome works great and can't beat the price at the dollar store.

04-30-2014, 10:24 AM
Got the new to me boat home and cleaned, the spray nine worked great on everything but some yellowing on the vinyl any ideas on this

From mooseknuckle sledding lodge

I have found sometimes after you lean the boat to just let it sit in the sun. I have had spots that I cleaned and cleaned and could still see slight imperfections. Left it in the sun for a day and they where gone.