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03-23-2006, 06:05 PM
Because some post have been disappearing here its my post again, by the way thanks for the reply, I will try this weekend to fix it or order the part
I have a problem with my engine, its a 5.7 lts carbureted engine on my 1998 DD moomba mobius, it wont sustain on idle. All start because the boat get some water because it was on the water without the cap, the water level get to the boat floor level, so I guess that the failure is caused by something that is related to the electric fuel pump because when we get the water out with the bilge and ballast pumps and try to start it the engine did not turn so I use a second battery and it still wont turn, so I decided to check the spark plugs for water and I find that the cylinders where extremely wet with gasoline, mainly the one at the passenger side closes to the rear end of the boat so I reinstalled the spark plugs and it turn normally and start but produced a lot of black smoke and wont sustain the idle speed, when I get the throttle to neutral it start suffocating and drop the rpms all the way to 200 and stop in about 2 minutes. Also it make a noise that indicate that the electric gas pump is running even when the key is not on the starting switch, so I guess that I having to much fuel on the combustion chamber and that why its not capable of running on low rpms. I will take it to the dealer but I am in San Luis Potosi Mexico so there is no dealer near, so I hope you could help me out with that


03-26-2006, 05:06 PM

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