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03-23-2014, 10:55 AM
What's up out there, just looking for some other people who might be on lake murray this summer! We are gonna be mostly surfing, but will just be out and playing for sure. let me know if you want to meet up and hang this summer! Our family is ready for the summer!!

03-23-2014, 02:39 PM
I'm over in greenville and usually hit up jocassee or Keowee, but we were planning to head over to Murray at least a few weekends this summer. I'll shoot ya a message when we get some plans together. Any good campgrounds on the lake you know of?

03-24-2014, 07:39 AM
There are serveral, but the one I have been too is Dreher Island State Park. It is really nice area and have heard alot of good things about it. I grew up on Murray, so That side of the lake i know farely well. My parents still live up there, so thats where we spend most of our time. Drehere Island isn't very far from them either. I would certainly recomend there for camping. also some good fishing up that way too if you like to fish. Alot of good coves for skiing, boarding, and surfing! Definately hit me up when you do think about coming down!

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03-24-2014, 01:18 PM
Beej77r, I may want to chat with you a bit on Murray and camping. We are planning to hit up Murray a couple of times this year and Dreher Island is a place that I read of but don't know much about it. We are in Fort Mill so about 1.5 hrs from Murray (well Dreher at least). Does Dreher offer on-water camping (meaning they have sites that are on the water so you don't need to pull the boat each time)?

Would love to chat a little more about places to ride, coves to hang out in etc. if you'd wouldn't mind?

03-25-2014, 12:55 PM
Yes! the last time I was out there, it looked like there was camping right on the water. granted, I was going on a Striper guided tour, and it was 0600 when we left, so i didn't pay too much attention... however from what i remember there was camp sites right there on the water. They have a badd ass fish station to clean your fish and "Recycle" the remains etc... boat ramp on site, with docks. I was really surprised on how nice it was.
Shoot me a PM and give me a shout. once I get the boat back in, I will go explore more up that way... Where i usually ski at on murray is "Bear Creek" it is on the chapin side, which goes right next to "Timberlake". That is where we usually have some good water etc. up by Dreher Island there are some good spots as well.