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02-09-2014, 07:46 PM
Which kicker cabin speakers came in the 2013 LSV

2013 Moomba LSV

02-09-2014, 09:11 PM
I was actually looking for this same info to purchase led speaker rings - thanks Sharpshooter for starting the thread!

02-09-2014, 09:36 PM
Now we just need an answer lol

2013 Moomba LSV

02-10-2014, 08:38 AM
i have mine sitting in the garage, i'll try and remember and look at them for ya and report back what is written on the backside of them

02-10-2014, 08:55 AM
I think they are KM6200's but I'm not 100%.

02-10-2014, 09:22 AM
I believe they are the OEM KM6130. Much the same as the KM6200, but with a .5 tweeter.

02-10-2014, 09:46 AM
MLA is correct, here is my 2012's with pics and links.


02-11-2014, 03:04 PM
If your both looking for the factory Kickers I would look into talking to Shane Morris, I have met him a couple times in Texas, and we talk over text quite a bit.

He is selling some, get together and buy all of his, split the cost or something.

His classified Add


His direct post about them.

I also have 3 pair of the OEM kicker KM6130 cabin speakers out of my 2012 Mojo 200.00 + Shipping

02-11-2014, 07:49 PM
Mmandley - I am not looking at putting anymore of these in - my thread said led speaker rings - I did not get any owners manuals on these speakers in by bag of stuff the dealer gave me when I bought the boat....