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02-25-2006, 12:06 PM
Im looking to upgrade the head unit and 6 speakers in my Mobius LSV. Id like to hear from others as to what they have in their boat, why they like it, etc. Also if anybody had bad luck with that they heard was good. I think getting advice from fellow boaters that have used the stuff is worth more than some nerd writing a review on a web page some where. One more thing, does anybody know if there is some lengthy formula to determine how large of amp should run certain size of speakers. Any suggestions would be helpful.

02-26-2006, 02:24 AM
A lot depends on what kind musik you want to belt out. BTW, you don't have to spend a ton 'o money, either. Good, quality speakers and a decent amp with gain, high and low passes to tune your tunes (hehe, i kill me) should be adequate. I've been putting amps in cars since middle 70's, and by no means does that make me an expert, but I can get alot out of an inexpensive system.
I traded my stock Kenwood player for a Kenwood Mp3 version (mainly cos the plugs are the same as what's in the boat and it bolted right in, and only cost 126 dollars on ebay), kept the factory inboat speakers because they were capable of being driven by an amp (although i'd like to upgrade them later (couple years)), added a Sony Xplode 500w amp (on sale a WalMart fer a measley 80 bucko's) and got some old school tower speakers someone had ordered at the dealer I bought my boat from and never claimed, and viola!!!....Grand Funk Railroad to Eminem about as loud and clear as you want (or can stand).
It took about 4 hours and looks like a factory install. I'll post some pics after I get the boat of of winter hibernation.
A sub-woofer is nice, but not mandatory, your gain adjustments and pass switches will help keep the speakers from being over driven. But if you do install a sub, you'd better have an extra battery hookup or one of those portable chargers on hand, subs draw a lot of power.
It helps if you know a little bit about wiring up stuff once you get to dividing up your available power output from your amp to your output devices (speakers).
As far as that formula goes, any head unit with volume turned up will distort any speaker. You have to 'design' your system to get the sound you want to hear at the volume you're willing to crank it to.
It may be pieced together, but I have an 80 feet out system for less than $500. Get behind my boat and you will know what I mean.
Hope this helps

02-26-2006, 03:08 AM
In my 98 Mobius, I've had good luck with a Clarion MP3 player that was $140, the existing Polk Audio speakers in the cockpit and the tower and the existing MTX sub-woofer. I added a 300 watt sub amp from Wally's World.

I don't use the MP3 feature much because the limited screen makes it diffucult to switch music so I just make CD's. On the beach, I use the remote a lot so I don't have to jump in the boat to change volume or switch music. The range is limited to the end of the boat so you can't change stuff from your lounger.

I added capacitors (size I can't remember) to the Polk speakers to limit the bass from those speakers as the amp is 45 watts a channel and they tend to be over driven and the sub woofer provides the bass anyway.

I would recommend a sub woofer for any boat that is providing music while on the beach as the bass tends to fade out fairly quickly as you distance yourself from the boat. The sub woofer and the tower speakers adds a lot while on the beach but for me I need to turn the bass down while boating to keep from getting a headache especially if my daughter slips her music in it.

If I added anything else that would be those fancy 4 speaker systems for the tower as they really look cool but I would want to check out the guts as it is easy to get caught up on the looks. Then I would need to change the amplifier to drive the speakers...another story.

02-26-2006, 11:42 AM
Great stuff. I do have a subwoofer in the boat that is driven by a weak el-cheapo amp. The factory Kenwood deck needs assistance via needlenose pliers to eject a CD. Im skeptical about buying another Kenwood. Ive got my eye on Polk speakers with a crossover controller for each tweeter. I just dont know how the controllers will fit or not. The tower speakers Ive had my eye on are those cool looking Infiniti's that come with an amp and a mic so you can announce your skiing tips across the lake via these speakers. The head unit Im looking Id like to have an AUX input for my satelite tuner that I have in my truck. I like those Xplode amps and I do remember them being pretty reasonable at Walmart.

Heres another question, did those polks require any drilling or sawing to fit? I know the db6250 have a sizeable magnet and they caution you about their size. I assume you might have to drill screw holes, but do you have to saw or sand the mounting hole any larger?