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02-16-2006, 03:42 AM
It's starting to get cold here again after a decent winter and I've been reading a lot on the Bulletin Board about the wake surfing and I'm getting really jealous of those in the Florida area and other "warm" spots who are getting out again while I'm months away. I've been reading where some states have interpreted rules to try and stifle wake surfing such as carbon monoxide rules and responsibility for your wake type rules to make it difficult.

What I found interesting is the skier flag rule from Wa. state which is similar in most states and it reads:

"The observer must continuously observe the person(s) under tow and display a "skier down" flag whenever the person is in the water after falling or while preparing to ski. The flag must be displayed so that it is visible from all directions."

When the wake surfer drops the rope he is no longer in tow but under his own power. Is he a vessel or a swimmer. Do other rules start to apply? Jokingly, who has the right of way you or the surfer? Is the surfer required to have a horn, fire extinguisher and throwable? Hey, where is the registration on that dang thing?

I noticed how lawmakers change things to get the end result. I even found this rule for those remote controlled personal ski boats:

"Remote-operated personal watercraft (PWCs designed to be operated by a towed person) must have a “skier down” flag attached to the PWC."

A law like that probably destroyed the hopes of the inventor of that silly thing.

If I were a wake surfer I would (pardon the pun) not make waves and be prepared to be a lobbyist when lawmakers try to change the laws.

With that, let's hear from ya all (except Ed..lol).

02-16-2006, 04:53 PM
Actually, this is more fun than reality, but:

When the wake surfer drops the rope he is no longer in tow but under his own power.

Actually - no - He (or she) is under the influence of the tow boat. Without the boat, they cannot continue forward progress, therefore they are a skier with an invisible tow line. They are also out of the water becuase of the boat's influence, and when the boat stops - they will not remain standing, therefore that it the point you put the flag up.

If they swam out from shore and tried to surf the random rollers that passing boats create, then they are a swimmer.

My $0.02,