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02-13-2006, 05:44 PM
I starting wakeboarding through a friend late last summer and love it. I have been snowboarding for 8 yrs and there isnt anything better to do in the summer than this. I just bought a boat for this coming summer. I am now trying to get it set up. The next thing on the list is a Handle and Rope.
Straight Line has been strongly recommended to me. It's also been suggested that I go with the handles that have a second smaller handle further up the rope. For future- wrapped spins.. I spin easily on a snowboard, so I don't know that I would need this for wakeboarding. I am more concerned with inverts....as water is of course much easier on you than ice. Is there much of a difference in handles? I have noticed some are completely solid and some only are solid on the actual handle.


I also don't know if it is really necessary to spend $150+ on a set up??!!


I am going to a boat show this weekend and might try to find something there....
Thank you in advance

NH Moomba
02-13-2006, 11:02 PM
I didn't want to spend 150 simoleans on a piece of rope either. I bought a wakeboard rope from Bullet Ski Lines on Ebay and it has held up really well. It is the Spectra Core 3mm rope , has the cheater grip you describe and a nice comfy grip. It was about $70 and was big improvemnet over the waterskiing rope I had been using.