View Full Version : "Gear" Pro camera, first time out with it today...

08-19-2013, 12:51 AM
My new wakeboarding buddy and his very beginner (never done any water sports) cousin came out on my boat this morning. They've been out twice and are kind of becoming my go-to riding buddies since I just moved to my area and don't know anybody. He actually mows grass for a living and mows my neighbor's lawn, saw my boat, and left a business card on my truck asking to wakeboard for gas money and free mowing lol!

Anywho, I bought a sweet little camera on Woot a few weeks back called a "Gear Pro". It's a cheapy GO-Pro apparently. It looks pretty nice though for the price I paid (maybe $30?). Anyway, got it all charged up and set up last night. Mounted it to my nav light on top of the tower with the handlebard mount that was included. Recorded some good video, I was pretty impressed with it! Only watched on it's touch screen while on the boat, but looked good on a 1" screen lol!

I was in the water waiting to go, the cousin was messing with the camera, and my buddy was driving. Waves came, and all of the sudden there goes the camera right into the water! It slipped out of his hands and sunk to the depths!

Oh well, time to find another. But if anybody wants a cheap "go-pro", this one looks pretty acceptable and seemed to work well! I don't know where else to get them though for that cheap since I got mine on Woot. Looks like there's some on Amazon for $40-60.