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06-25-2013, 02:50 AM
You guys have been a ton of help. Here's my next question!

I have a 3000lb vertical shorestation hoist (you can see it in my pic, blue aluminum canopy). I had my Launch on it which was 2900lbs dry, so with gas and gear I was way over. I was trying to figure out how to upgrade it to a 4000lb lift, but all the parts were the same. So I called shorestation and they actually got me in touch with one of the engineers. He said the only difference between the 3000 and 4000 is the gear ratio, and he told me if I was able to crank it up then I could go ahead and put 4000lbs on it. He said if I change out the gearbox I can make it the same as a 4000lb lift.

I literally just replaced the winch cable (it snapped, was old) and one pulley on Memorial Day weekend. The leveling cables and lift cable are all solid and relatively new.

I've been able to crank up the LSV (3300lbs dry), it is kind of tough but no big deal. When I looked at it on the hoist though, it looked to me that since it's a V drive compared to my DD it was sitting too far back. So just yesterday I pulled my boat about 8-10 inches further in.

When I went to crank it up, it seemed harder than usual, like it was binding, but then at one point got really easy and almost felt ductile. I stopped right at that point (hull slightly above water, half of keel still in water) because I was afraid to keep going. Then today when I went to put it down, it was binding on the way down and actually the lift didn't even lower all the way down just by the boat's weight. I had to give it quite a bit of gas in reverse, which slid the boat back like an inch, and then the hoist went all the way down.

When I came back in today, I put it back on it's usual spot, thinking that it would be better. Again I got to a point with the hull just out of the water, and it started acting funny again. It was like the frame was catching, and then jumping, then catching again, then jumping.

So I'm just wondering if any of you have a similar hoist, and how you put your boat on it. If you have a similar shorestation (mine's a ssv30108), I'll tell you that my gas cap is about an inch behind the back post. When I moved it forward, gas cap was about 7-9 inches past the post. I know they say to load the front and back evenly, but it just looks like a lot more weight has been on the back.

Does anybody grease the posts with some type of waterproof grease? Should I grease the winch cable? Should I grease the pulleys, which I didn't do when I re-assembled the lift mechanism in the side bar because the instructions I found didn't say to.

Any help would be appreciated! Sorry for such a long post, wanted to really explain it cause I'm afraid of having my boat drop...again!

06-25-2013, 05:59 AM
I have a vertical great lakes lift and match my gas cap with the rear upright post and works fine, but I also have a motor and it is a 4000lb lift.

Sorry maybe not so much help.