View Full Version : 2009 Outback V Ballast Pumps

06-23-2013, 12:28 PM
I wanted to start a new thread so it would be easier for someone to find this topic since I hijacked a previous thread on my ballast pumps in my 2009 Outback V.

I want to thank everyone for their input that was right on. I was having problems with my center ballast filling and was given the advice to change out the pump impeller which improved my ballast filling quicker. It's still not as fast as my rear bags but it actually fills all the way in a few minutes time now. Is it common for the center ballast to take longer then the rear bags?

The recommendation of getting my part from wakemakers was great, it shipped the same day and they even had a how to video on how to replace the part.

Here are some pictures for the O9 Outback V ballast placement, the impeller change is a COMPLETE do it your self project, took maybe 15 minutes.

The ballast pumps are in the rear port locker behind the carpeted board in the pictures below.

Take out the screws along the top as well as the bottom. Those are L-plates that are mounted to the board on the bottom, take out those 4 screws and the board comes right out.

Here are the pumps, after deciding to turn the center pump on to see which one it was of the three my keen investigative abilities realized the pumps are clearly labeled as to where they go. You can see the 1-p which is the port side, 2-s is the starboard side and 3-F is the front.

There are 4 screws holding the pump mount to the boat, 2 on top and 2 on bottom, take those out and the pump comes lose. I didn't see the need to disconnect the pump hoses.

Lastly refer to the Wakemakers video, this is really simple and the impeller came out with no effort at all. I changed out my fresh water impeller prior to this and that was a complete pain to get out. Make sure when you put the cover back on the pump you make sure the seal ring is back in the grooves.

Put all the screws back in and you are good to go, if you can turn a screw driver you can do this job.