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01-23-2006, 07:10 PM
I may be purchasing an 00' Outback LS this weekend. Anyone out there have any comments or things I should look for or ask during the intial look over?

Anyone own one of these boats? would love to get some feedback.


01-25-2006, 01:00 PM
I have an LSV, so I may not be much help, but one thing that worried me when I bought mine was the noise it makes in reverse. It seems that these are just straight cut gears and they all make this noise whether new or used. make sure that the forward gear is much quieter. Other than that, just check the usual. Make sure you run the boat farely hard for at least 10 minutes to make sure it will not act up at operating temperatures, been bit on that before with a different brand of boat. I have been extremely pleased with mine so far. Good luck with your purchase and please keep us updated. Also post any questions that you come up with.

Oh yeah, be sure to ask about the maintanence records for the boat. When I bought mine, the first thing I did was replace the water pump impeller. Mine was original and was torn.

Here is the thread I started on my findings.

water pump impeller findings (http://www.moomba.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=2034)

01-25-2006, 07:35 PM
I know where you can pick up an '03 Mobius LS for a good price with a 6 year extended drive train warranty. Sorry, couldn't resist. :p

NH Moomba
01-25-2006, 10:41 PM
I have a 00 Outback LS and I like it. I haven't had any major problems. The hull is what they sell as the plain Outback today. If you want to do more wakeboarding, I would recommend a newer LS which is a different hull. It takes a lot of weight to get a decent wake and then the boat handles slugishly. It is great hull for skiing.


01-26-2006, 04:47 PM
Thanks very much for the input guys! It's going in for an inspection today and pending any significant findings I hope to buy it.

The owner indicated there really are no service records on the boat.........that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyway, I'll let you know what happens