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06-11-2013, 01:46 PM
Hi all i don't post much on here just normally lurk around looking for fixes or others that are experiencing the same problems. I own a 2006 mob lsv since new it has 240 hrs on it now and thought i would give a rundown of the problems, good and bad, i have encountered with the boat, to see if i was the exception or the rule.

First year i had the boat it worked flawless mechanically. Stereo was drastically underpowered and Moomba replaced the amp's with another underpowered amp that fiizzled and smoked the second time i turned it on...I laughed it off replaced the single amp with 2 amps that made a huge difference, except i learned the tower speakers sucked balls!!! So i replaced them with some Roswell Vamp Spins and replaced the cheap kenwood deck so i could have independant control of the tower speakers (ppl in the boat wanted their ear drums intact.) Viola 2000 grand later stereo is sweet!! Oh and the rubbers on the boardracks fall off..i'll fix it in the spring

2nd summer pulled the boat out of storage gel coat all cracked one quick call it will be covered under warranty no questions asked. They admitted the gel coats were breaking down because of the new epa standards and very susceptible to thermal cracking boat completely fixed. Some boats were being returned to factory it was so bad...i guess mine isn't that bad. Rubbers glued back on

3rd summer pulled boat out gelcoat all cracked again called and covered admittedly to thermal cracking gel coat out of warranty but Moomba came through and repaired it. Tower mirror bracket lost its weld, broke away, and smacked me in the forehead. Bracket replaced at dealer cost. Boat started cutting out gradually getting worse, leaves me stranded a few times get to meet some neighbours at least, back to dealership...easy fix of fuel filter.

4th summer guess what, gel coat is all cracked again called Moomba this time I was told to pound salt and the reason was due to "excessive weighting" they've never heard of thermal cracking. Yeah my wife 2 kids and I are sinking the boat to the gunels and hitting double ups...come on. No more than stock ballast has ever been in the boat filled occasionally to smash out a few ralley's. At least they fixed it once out of warranty as your only covered for a year. Dealer would split cost with me @ $3000 I passed and learned to live with it. Boat starts cutting out again fuel filter replaced again but i found a bunch of black sludge in it. Fuel lines are breaking down and all had to be replaced, apparently Malaysia is not a good place to make fuel lines...Pump is also shot and the little ball valve thingy on top of the fuel tank. Met some more cottagers and my shoulders are getting a good work out from the paddling.

5th summer gel coat doesn't get any worse i think she likes the cracks so I'm gonna let her keep them. Driving down the lake the bimini top folds in two...whatever i take it in stride laugh a little and replace it. Boat leaves me stranded a few times ethanol in fuel is what im told replace fuel filter start gas additives and add a water seperator. Sun deck upholstery starts to come apart at the seams, panels removed and restitched..I blame it on the kids no more playing on the boat while it is docked as they liked jumping off the swim platform. Ms Moomba does not like kids!!

6th summer gelcoat looks sweet, cracks stay the same i must have stopped weighting the boat excessively. Rest of the cushions around the boat start letting go...prolly something to do with the cover falling apart its now faded and water starting to seap through although i treat it every year..i wonder if its from malaysia too?? Perfect pass isn't working that well either..the display screen fades in and out and i put another bilge pump in. Boat starts cutting out differently towards the end of summer fuel filter doesn't really make any difference this time.

7th summer boat is cutting out all the time, back to the dealership as i cant figure it out. Throttle position sensor and cam position sensor replaced i guess those were the codes flashing this time. Upholstery is done, pretty much going to have redo the boat. Boat starts cutting out again. Trace all wires and find a loose ground attached to the block problem solved.

I cant wait to see what this summer brings. I bought the boat to become a better wakeboarder and it has done that....but unexpectantly the boat has also turned me into a marine mechanic and troubleshooter. I'm also starting to get a set of shoulders like Rocky Balboa from all the paddling. I've found all these repairs to be a little excessive for a $55000 boat. This is stuff i would have expected from a Bayliner or Four Winns but friends with these boats don't seem to have the problems i've had. Here's to hoping i'm the exception and not the rule.

06-11-2013, 02:32 PM
Sorry you have had problems with your boat. In your years of lurking have you seen many/any threads similar to yours? When you search for some of your issues you are having, do you see a trend with any of them?

06-11-2013, 03:55 PM
Had my boat for 13 seasons and very little issues. I was told the upholstery was questionable and I concur and had pieces replaced and I had spider cracks from the day I bought it and they haven't traveled any further. Expectations are different with a boat bought at $17K versus $55K.

Dan has a good point. When I have something go wrong with my cars and toys I will look it up on the internet and I can tell right away if it is a common problem or something unique.

The only common problems I remember from the threads is the water in the hull and vapor lock and I don't see that mentioned.

06-11-2013, 06:58 PM

Sorry to hear of all your problems. I have the same boat, also bought it new, just passed 300 hours and I guess I have had the opposite experience as you. My boat has never left me stranded, have not had any mechanical problems whatsoever, knock on wood. I do all my own maintenance, change all the fluids during winterization, etc. My boat is stored in my garage when not in use and so my upholestery is in great shape. None of the stitching has come apart and I literally got my first cut in the upholstery last summer - about a 1/4" long. Other than that, no issues whatsoever.

Perfect pass still working perfectly, engine still runs like the day I bought her. All accessories - blower, bilge pump, etc., still works like new. I have not had to replace a single part other than oil and fuel filters, and the impeller every two years. I did finally replace the original starting battery just last week. Got 7 years out of it so not complaining. Oh, and I did have to replace one trailer tire last year. All others are still the original.

And no cracks in the gel coat that I am aware of, or maybe I have not looked that closely.

06-11-2013, 08:35 PM
I have 2006 LSV purchased new, now has 300 plus hours. Boat stays on cradle under boathouse. I have oils and filters ,and impeller changed per maintenance schedule. The only two problems I have had was vapor lock on 100 degree plus day, I raised engine cover and ran blower, after 20 min boat fired up. The other was self inflicted, I left blast pump on burned it out. I purchased new battery last year for $70. I wakeboard, ski, and even pull tubers from tower and no jell coat cracks. I have a few cracks in the blue panels on vinyl in 5 spots. This spring I had boat detailed by professional and it looks new. I also purchased (3 years ago) one of those $700 boat covers with ratchets and poles and its worth every penny. We do not baby this boat at all, kids use it as their boom box on dock. Everything including all gauges, perfect pass, lights gauges all work as new. I would highly recommend MOOMBA brand.

06-12-2013, 08:45 AM
I'm glad to see ppl have having trouble free ownership maybe it's just bad luck. I haven't seen any trends really just vapor lock issues which i haven't had (I also live in Canada we dont really get 100+ degree days.) I did have excessive water in the bilge but i tightened the packing nut to one drip every 45 seconds...i was told from the beginning it was more of a wet bilge. This forum and the Supra form have been very helpful...someone always seems to have had the problem before me with the exception of the fuel lines coming apart. Just not the same guy having all the issues!
In a way i was hoping these where the trials and tribulations of boat ownership as i quite often hear "They are a hole in the water you throw money into."

Jimmylsv I`m definately interested in the cover if you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.