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05-31-2013, 01:51 AM
I would like to add a canopy to our boat lift, but I'm worried about windstorms flipping it over. The additional risers/wind lever that need to accommodate a tower is my main concern and I don't want to worry about it while were away during the week. We typically see a few 50-70 mph gusts that come thru and I'm wondering if that would be enough to flip a 4k lb boat under a canopy?

I don't want to set down the tower every time we come on/off the lift, so until then I will just have to complain about putting the tarp on every time I see a blip on the radar coming our way.

05-31-2013, 07:43 AM
I have a Hewitt lift and a canopy. It has survived many wind storms and near misses by hurricanes (no direct hit). The lift has not moved. If your boat is on the lift, it's going to break the lift before it moves.

At my last lake, the water level was pretty consistent and I could put the boat on without putting the tower down. For extended periods, I would put the tower down and put the boat up higher. At my current lake, I have to put the tower down each time. While a PITA, it sure beats trailering.

05-31-2013, 08:49 AM
No problems with a canopy, with the extensions you can keep to keep the tower up. I have yet to put a tower down since 2007( first Boat). I just tie the lift to the down with some small cable, in case a wind storm blows in while we are out on the lake and cant get back in time. The weight of the boat will clearly keep the lift from tipping over, without the boat the wind may tip it over in a good storm.

05-31-2013, 02:34 PM
Our neighbor on the lake had his flip over with the boat on
it. He has a Centurion Avalanche. The boat ended up upright
with the lift in shambles underneath. Our lift is in line
with his along the shore just 100' or so apart and it was fine.
Not sure why his flipped...maybe boat was lower, wave
came and lifted it allowing the canopy to take wind and