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01-17-2006, 05:32 PM
I purchased a 2006 Mobius LSV at the Cincinnati Boat show over the weekend. I got the Performance Package Upgrade with the 325 HP EFI engine, NOT the 340HP. After returning I noticed in the WaterSki Mag Review that with the 340hp engine that the top speed was around 41.50 MPH. It is also listed on some other websites as 41.50 mph top end speed. I just assumed the top end speed would be the average around 45 MPH as the 2005 Mobius LSV was rated. I asked the dealer if I should upgrade to the 340 hp and possibly upgrade the prop to get the top end speed around 45 mph as I thought it would be. Does anyone know what the top end speed of my new baby being built will be?

I just don't want my 2 brothers' I/Os to be too much faster than my new boat.


01-17-2006, 06:25 PM
The '05 had a different hull design. It was signicantly smaller and lighter. I suppose you could re-prop to get some extra speed, but you'll lose low end pulling power. The hull designs on these boats typically limit top speed as they are designed more for the wake characteristics. While your brothers may outrun you, see if they can pull multiple skiers out of the water as well as you can.

01-17-2006, 06:51 PM
So the boat I bought (325 hp, standard prop) will top out at 41.50 mph? Or will it be even lower since I don't have 340 hp? Is the dealer blowing smoke telling me it is a mid 40 mph boat?? He said "can't rely on testing by Waterski mag etc." What is the official Moomba specs on top end speed for my boat?

Not too important, just want to know what I'm getting, and if I may want to order 340 hp and/or prop upgrade. Thanks for your speedy reply.

01-17-2006, 08:36 PM
So the boat I bought (325 hp, standard prop) will top out at 41.50 mph? Or will it be even lower since I don't have 340 hp? Is the dealer blowing smoke telling me it is a mid 40 mph boat?? He said "can't rely on testing by Waterski mag etc." What is the official Moomba specs on top end speed for my boat?

Not too important, just want to know what I'm getting, and if I may want to order 340 hp and/or prop upgrade. Thanks for your speedy reply.

01-17-2006, 10:24 PM
I had to comment on this because I was concerned with the top speed on my Outback. I also have a 325hp and the top end is much slower than what I'm used to (around 47mph). I soon realized that top end didn't matter since I use the boat for skiing. Also, if you run the boat at top speed very often the only place you'll be racing to is the gas pump. Here's an idea- buy a bass boat with the money you saved by buying a Mobius vs. a Nautique, Mastercraft, or Malibu and you will smoke your brothers unless the have cigarette boats. Thats a bad pun.

01-17-2006, 11:37 PM
I agree 100%. In the summer gas is too expensive to be doing anything other than wakeboarding or skiing speed. I sold my I/O for two reasons: I wanted a better wake and needed more room (kids started bringing friends). Your LSV will seat 4-5 adults and a bunch of kids comfortably. Take your brothers out for a run, and they'll forget all about the top speed.

01-17-2006, 11:50 PM
I just dropped over $37K on a boat and was simply surprised to see the top speed was around 3-5 mph (I don't know which it will be,yet) slower than I anticipated.

What if my fat $%^ brother wanted to barefoot behind my new Moomba? 41.50 hrs, may not be fast enough. I'm not the bass boat type-and it wouldn't pull him either.

Yes, I know, I'll be going 22 mph 80% of the time. I've been researching boats for some time, since I sold my 1983 Ski Supreme in September, and thought I had all my bases covered when I saw the new 2006 Mobius LSV with a deeper freeboard and new interior, exactly what I didn't like about 2005 Mobius LSV that I drove over 2 hours to look at yesterday. I never thought to look at this aspect of this boat, it is the exact boat I was looking for in EVERY other aspect-especially the right price. I've been around inboard ski boats and looked at probably hundreds in WaterSki mag over the years and they all run around 45 mph. When I posed the question to the dealer he said it will run around 45 mph as I ordered it (325 hp/standard prop), and the mag I saw it in was wrong.

I'll post the response I get from Moomba when they respond to my e-mail, if anyone else is interested in knowing if 340hp upgrade and/or prop upgrade brings up top end speed, probably not, it seems to be due to the new hull shape, or if 41.50 mph is tops no matter what options are added.

I'll love my new 2006 Mobius LSV either way I'm sure. First boat purchased newer than 15 years old so it will be a huge step up whether it goes 42 or 45 mph. Can't wait until it gets here!

01-18-2006, 12:15 AM

Good News, you are going to like working with George.

Bad news, the I/O will be faster. I have the 05 LSV with the 325 (an upgrade from the deceased 310). It has plenty of power. Top end is mid 40s. It started out low 40's and got a little faster after 92 hours last year. I have a good friend with an I/O. They go fast. They do not pull well or mx speed under load. Everyone wants to be behind my boat. Period. My son was very concerned that our new boat was not as fast as his buddies I/O. A couple runs and this issue has vanished.

Check the Supras, they have the 325 std and should give you a good idea of your expected speed. Waterski mag is likely low after a good break in, but this is not a 50 MPH boat.

First thing you should do is ride behind your own boat. 25 MPH is my max tube speed. I try to hold about 22. Spend a little time at the other end of the rope and you will understand why. My 5 year old kneeboards at 12 mph, my son (10) WBs at about 16-18. I WB & skate (I love to skate) at 18.

Im the red LSV on Rocky Fork. Stop by this summer. The blue 05 Supra is my friend Ron.

If you want the 340, knock yourself out but the speed delta is going to be small. These boats can pull and make a fantastic wake, they do not win a mile. Besides, wake surfing is a hoot as well. Save the money, buy the toys.

My $.02, worth what you paid for it,


P.S. I am personally appalled that the new bigger LSV is priced right where I bought mine last year. It is bigger, it should cost more! I almost wish I had waited a year.

P.S.S. I have never, in 20 years of boating, heard anyone say great boat, it is just a little over powered.

Your dime, once you decide, decide to be happy. If you cannot have fun on these boats, you cannot have fun anywhere.

So where will you be driving this new boat?

01-18-2006, 01:47 AM
My LSV has the 325 engine, wakeplate, perfect pass, and Gravity III ballast, all things I'm glad for. I paid 31K and change. But that wasn't all. Here are some things I wish she had when I got her:
1) Cover. Bought one.
2) Walkthrough wind block. A must for cold climate, just finished installing it.
3) Bimini. Had one on my old boat and loved it.
4) Racks, buying soon.
5) Tower speakers, early summer project I hope.
6) Depth finder, installing soon.
I don't know the difference the 340hp engine would make. Top speed has never been an issue for me, so if I had to do it again, I'd spend the money on the things mentioned above. To my knowledge guys who run a lot of ballast preffer the 340hp engine.
Either way, it's your money. Buy what you'll be happy with. If you got most or all of the options I mentioned for 37k, you've done well.

01-18-2006, 09:50 AM
31k for a 2005??

If that is the case I have to say you got a GREAT deal!

I paid a little more than that for a slightly used 2004 LSV, however it had all the options you are considering adding to include perfect pass and a wake plate.

01-18-2006, 01:32 PM
I say I have to agree with ED.

My 02 Outback with the 310 carb topped out at 47 with just me and the girlfriend. It would have probably gone a little faster if we didn't have the 30 pack in the cooler in the rear ski locker.

doug, t-town

ps. let us all pray for rain

01-18-2006, 03:06 PM
Thanks for you input guys! My concern is not going 50 mph but just 45 mph, but if it low 40's-no big deal.

I did go with all of those options except walk through wind block and racks, I did get the heater though. The bow wind block would probably go nice with the bow cover option I got. I'll probably call the dealer and add that option-thanks for your advice!!

I am going to stick with the 325 hp engine upgrade option as I ordered it. They have a "Performance Package" that includes the 325 EFI, wakeplate and PP Wakeboard Pro. I'm sure the boat will have plenty of power. I just wanted it to run around 45 mph, which after break in period, it may. I haven't heard back from Moomba about their specs for my boat for top speed. I can add racks later, I currently own only 1 board, mine, so don't really need racks yet. Good advise on looking at Supra's in WaterSki Mag for spec, I'll do that.

I'll probably be the only wakeboarder that uses much ballast to start so I m not too concerned with not going for the 340 hp, at least the 325 hp is EFI.

I plan on getting down to Rocky Fork Lake this summer. A client of mine used to go down there all the time and he said it was like a mini Cumberland, not as muddy as most Ohio lakes, and rocky bottom like Cumberland. I go down to Cumberland a few times a year with father-in-law on his houseboat, but do most of my skiing in Columbus area on river and on Alum Creek Lake during the week.

How is the weekend boat traffic at Rocky Fork? Hopefully I'll see you there this spring or summer. My 2006 Mobius LSV will be Black & Tan. Flag us down if you see us out.

Thanks again for all the advise.

01-18-2006, 04:16 PM
If you got the bow cover, you probably don't need the wind block. Unless of course, you want it.
Congratulations and enjoy your new boat.

01-18-2006, 04:55 PM
Mini Cumberland, now that is a hoot. It is nice but not that nice. The water is muddy (esp after a rain) but not polluted (A friend had it tested before he built). The lake is busy on the weekends. Since I have a place on the lake with a dock we board early, tube mid day and then back to boards in the pm. By 6 pm the lake is empty again. Dinner about 10 pm :)

The lake does have rocks.

Check out a map and look for the fishing pier. If you face the pier from the water I am on the left in the little bay on the left.

If the dock is full you can tie off to my LSV (I assume you have bumpers ordered) and come on up. It is all up hill to the cabin (aka The Lodge it is just a doublewide). Im usually entertaining a bunch of kids but unless it is the Cub Scout weekend, I have a beer or two to share.

Out my office window I see snow. Snow a four letter word if I ever saw one.

Off to swim class,


01-18-2006, 04:59 PM
Naf Now that I know how they both work you are right, don't need both. Thanks for helping me save some $$$. Now just have to wait until it gets here and for warm weather.

Thanks to all for the help in picking out my options!! I wanted to get everything now rather than after it is built and have to pay cash.

Ian Brantford
01-18-2006, 11:25 PM
I have the 340 in my 2005 XLV. I can confirm that it really sucks the gas in those extra few MPH that it gives you. I virtually never rev it up that high anymore.

I can see it helping momentarily, in the XLV with full ballast, to escape being bogged down in a double-up manouvre. Otherwise, the 340 is mainly for doubt removal, bragging rights and resale value.

When I tell some guy about having a new wakeboarding boat (and he doesn't know what a wakeboarding boat is), this is almost immediately followed by him giving some encouraging harrumph, an inhale, and the question: "how fast does it go?" I am now conditioned to interrupt no later than the "how" with the following, which you may feel free to copy: "340 HP. It's a towboat, not a speedboat. A lot of people embarrass themselves by asking how fast it goes. I mean, who wants to know the top speed of a pick-up truck?". Whew -- disaster averted!

I see that this thread wandered into many other options. I'll try to update my very verbose thread that I started last year, wherein most options are discussed. Hopefully that'll help this year's shoppers.

Good luck!

01-19-2006, 09:00 AM

Good idea

Wake plate is a must have
Heaters, PP, SS rails.

That was a good thread


01-19-2006, 08:44 PM
Good one Ian. I'll remember that reply.

Matt Brown from Skiers Choice confirmed, by e-mail, what we all came to a consensus about, that getting 340 hp upgrade will give more power, especially if you run alot of ballast with boat full of people, but would only add, possibly, 1-2 mph to top end speed. The upgrade prop would probably decrease top end speed-it is made for more low end power. He said every boat is different and that the 325 hp with standard prop should run between 42-44mph. Just as George, my dealer said.

George & Kerry, the dealers, got back to me right away with questions I had, and I now have all the options fimalized on my boat. They have been very patient with me and I appreciate all their help. It's been a great experience and from what I can tell should work out to be a great choice for me and my family.

Now if someone would fast forward us to Spring and warm weather-I'd appreciate it.