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12-03-2005, 03:52 AM
I asked this question in a different post, but no one answered. I'm ready to buy, but they are spendy, and i would like to get some advice before i do.

Fly High International offers the Gravity Games Edition Sacs which will mount up directly to the existing pumps. 600 lbs rear sacs $240 each. 1000lbs front sac $360. Thats more then twice the weight i have now with the Gravity III bags that came from factory.

I saw an XLV on E-bay not to long ago with them, does anyone on this board have them? Are they worth it? Is the wake a LOT better with them? If anyone out there wants to sell, or work out some kind of trade let me know. If not, for now, I'm just going to buy that 1,000 lb front bag. Its always cold up here in North Dakota and no one ever wants to sit up front and freeze, so i'm always lacking weight in the front and have unbalanced weight. Also if anyone is looking to buy that factory front bag from me (650 lbs) let me know. two_bad_birds@hotmail.com

Any advice will be appreciated

12-03-2005, 09:39 AM

Some days I slay myself.

My folks summer on Lake Sa.... whatever - the big one and winter here in Ohio. I bet it is COLD about now.

I use no fat sack but the stock center so sorry, no help.


12-03-2005, 12:24 PM
I have 4 Quikrete Tubesand bags, 60 lbs each, that I use up front. They came with the boat and I like them because I can move them. I don't know how much they cost, but maybe you could buy six of those and the two 600 pounders for the back. You'd loose some storage space in the bow, but with your boat you probably wouldn't notice.

NH Moomba
12-03-2005, 06:42 PM
I'd be careful using weights other than water. If the boat gets swamped for any reasons, the ballast bags are just neutralized. The bags of sand or lead can take it to the bottom. I think there are some older posts about this.

I was wondering if there are any aftermarket things similar to the Malibu Wedge or the Tige Taps that could be bolted on. I find ballast to be a pain (I just have some fat sacs in my Outback LS) to fill and then be boat handles sluggishly.


12-04-2005, 12:08 AM
NH Moomba,

FYI, Moomba and Supra's Hydraulic wakeplate is the exact same thing as Tige's Taps system. It is a hydraulic trim plate, nothing more. It doesn't make the wake bigger in any way, just changes the shape. I also like to think that Moombas and Supras have a "built in" wedge on their hull. They call it the stepped pocket. Water goes up the stepped pocket, causing the back of the boat to be sucked down deeper into the water. So now you have something acting like a wedge while not ripping on your transom. The wakeplate, when down, simply cancels out this stepped pocket.

12-04-2005, 08:00 AM

You are probably thinking of Tige's claim that with the convex hull there is no need for ballast. From everything I've read on wakeboat forums, owners of Malibus and Tiges use ballast along with the wedge and the convex hull. Those systems only eliminate the need for using so much ballast.

edit: oh yeh, I forgot that the main wakeboats of Tige weigh alot more than other manufacturers.

12-04-2005, 10:49 AM
Hey 05mobiusxlv,

I am intrested in your factory front sacks. Send me an email, and we can talk about prices. AZ_Calling@cox.net


NH Moomba
12-04-2005, 07:17 PM
My kids took some wakeboard lessons this summer on a Tige and it put out a nice wake using just the taps thing. They did have ballast as well but it wasn't used for my kids. I don't think you could compare the wakeplates I've seen to the Taps. The wake plates seem more just deflectors that might shape the wake but can't really displace any water like a foil that can suck the hull deeper into the water. I just wish I could get a better wake out of my 2000 Outback LS which was never made to be a wakeboarding hull. I'm not trying to start a debate of tige vs malibut vs SC. I was just wondering if there were any aftermarket solutions beyond ballast.

12-04-2005, 11:35 PM
The reason the wake of the Tige might have been bigger with no ballast is that Tiges usually weigh more than the typical inboard, which can be good and bad. Tige's Taps is the exact same thing as Moomba's wakeplate, even made by the same manufacturer, Bennett Trim tabs. If you go to www.tige.com, click on "The Tige Difference", then "Convex V/Taps2" you can see how Tige's wakeplate works. Go check out any SC dealer and you will see it act the exact same way. This is actually where I have a problem with Tige (their marketing, not their boats). They claim to have a "difference"; their convex hull is just a version of a stepped pocket, like Skiers Choice has. Look at any current Moomba and you will see the pocket, evenly slightly on the Outback. The only diffrence between the taps and Moomba's wakeplate is that Taps is electric where Moomba's is hydraulic. Moomba's also has 2 hydraulic actuators. Neither Moomba's wakeplate or Taps displaces the hull at all, the hull does. Sorry, not trying to start a debate either. I'm just a physics and boat hull freak.

12-05-2005, 04:05 AM
i REALLY like the advice MOVE SD2. I WISH I COULD! Forget the sacs, and get out of this Freezing Iceland. Its 5 below here right now, with a windshield of 19 below zero. Hard to believe less then 2 months ago it was 92 degrees and i was boarding.

A couple people are contacting me on buying my factory bags. And are asking me questions I don't know. Are the Gravity III bags i have, the same with all the other Mobius models? Will my 650 pound bag in the locker fit in the LS & LSV. And will it fit in older models? Thanks again for the help! Jay aka GRAMP'S

12-05-2005, 11:47 AM
The Gravity II system on a LS is a 400 lb rear tank and a 400 lb front bag. The Gravity III on a LSV is 250 on each side of the engine and 400 in the front. So your rear bags are the same as the LSV but your front bag is slightly bigger. You could probably fit the 650 in the ski locker but only would be able to fill up to around 400 lbs or so.