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03-05-2013, 12:35 PM
WooHoo here I get to go again this weekend and get some skiing on along with some of the best possible coaching one can get!

Looking forward to turning some bouys with Trent Findlayson in San Marcos! I will hurt like a b*gger for a few days aftweards but ......................... it's such a GOOD HURT!

Ice will soon be off the lakes back home and hope to get an early start this year!!!!

03-05-2013, 01:06 PM
Good for you, sounds fantastic! Have fun

03-07-2013, 10:50 PM
Good for you, sounds fantastic! Have fun

It's always great! Not too often one stumbles across a great istructor and teacher of sport. No matter what sport it is? Trent is a true professional and speaks to me (as I assume he would any other student) in a manner which I can understand? His point gets across and you can apply what he is telling you to your next pass or run.
And what I fnd eevne better about him is he is REAL!!! It doesn't matter that he has won pro events all over the globe. When you ski with him under his direction..............it's all about you and you getting better!!!!!

If you ski and want lessons or want to get better...............I recommend no one more than Trent!

03-10-2013, 10:53 AM
Here is my update:

Met Trent this morning in San Marcos. Weather wasn't great but we agreed to skip to breakfast and get to the lake so we could beat what was to come in. Cloud and rain!!!! :(
We headed out to Utopia and we caught up for 15-20 mins while I got myself organized and ready to go.

Haven't ski'd since I was down here last Dec and it was with Trent as well. This where the "True Coaching" started. We talked and reviewed what we had done last time we seen each other? Trent was well aware I hadn't ski'd since last time we were together as it's damned hard to get my boat into the lake through the 8" of ice and snow that are covering all of them still and will be until at least mid April.

So out we go, first pass and well..........................I sucked! Wasn't happy at all with myself and in some ways wondered if I should have even come today? I quickly reminded myself that ANY day on the water was better than a day at work or with most people in-laws! :)

While bobbing in the water at the end of the run Trent brought the boat over and asked me where I thought I went wrong? I gave him my best uneducated answer and he stepped right to the point and told me it all started bad with my pullout prior to the gates. Poor positioning and a poor entrance lead to a complete wreck for me! (my words not the coaches)

So once we established a 1/2 decent pull out and a good first and second ball that just got worse as we went along it was time to address another problem - PROPER STACKED POSITION!!! This is/was very hard for a dude like me who for the most part has been self taught. I refer to my last session with Trent as my first true coaching session. With each pass Trent would point out exactly where things went wrong, and would address what contributed to the end result of my WRONG!!!! In saying that I do try hard to do what he is telling or intructing me to do but natural enstinct make sme default back to my bad habits. I often wondered if Trent was in the boat looking for an oar he could grab and use to slap some ski sence into me? I'm thankful for his patience!!!!

We finshed our first set with me being beat up and tired from being out of shape and not skiing or using the muscles I need too all winter. We went back to the dock I rested and we chatted about what happened on the water. More dry land instruction was given and I tried to absorb as much as I could?

I started feeling my body starting to get tight and burn so knowing it might be a while before I would get back on the water I forced myself into my ski to get back out there and try to do what the coach was telling me.

Won't bore you with the details of the second set except to say..............it happened! THIS IDIOT FINALLY GOT THE STACKED POSITION DOWN AND HEY................it felt amazing! The only bad thing it was my second to last run of teh day and my last run was a few cuts and straight back to the dock. I was beat and dead! I had a hard time climbing up the ladder and when I got there I had to just breathe for a few minutes before I could even remove my vest and gloves.

Trent and I had a great review of the sets we ski'd today. Certainly wasn't my PB by any stretch of the imagination but I still learned something and became a better skier for it!

Trent left to go coach other at another ski site and I loaded my gear up into my car. I thanked the hosts for use of their facility and climbed into my car with a HUGE smile on my face! ANOTHER GREAT DAY in the life of Rod!

Another special thing for me is the fact that I got to be the very first person to get to ski behind the brand new 2013 MC Prostar at the ski site. Sweet sweet ride and very nice looking boat!

As I type this the only part of my body that isn't hurting too much is my fingers so I can type! I have calouses protruding out of my hands and am still smiling!!! Just hope I can raise my arms high enough to shampoo my hair over the next two days???? LOL

I had a great day! Thanks so much again Trent and to the S & I the site hosts! You made yet another one of my trips down here memorable!!!!!

This morning I feel like I was run over by a truck. So stiff and sore! :)

In Arnolds best voice - I'LL BE BACK!!!!!! :)

03-10-2013, 12:33 PM
I dont ski man, but sweet dude, id suggest a couple cold beers, and a very hot bath LOL

03-10-2013, 07:31 PM
Your story sounds very similar to mine two seasons ago and for me it was not my first ski of the season.By the end of my second ,5 pass set i fell,crawled onto the boat to put my ski on and promptly fell in the water while tugging at my ski. My insrtructer and boat driver,said Enough, hauled me into the boat and then i rested ,talked and ended my first day...

Like yourself i stiffened up and tightened up so bad i could not lift my arms above shoulder level so had to stagger my next ski day to recouperate,then went the following day only to get my last day cancelled due to weather. That was the end of my skiing as my guy had to fly to a tournament that evening.

I have to admit ,besides the pain it was the thrill of a lifetime,and am looking forward to trying to do it again this summer, but better scheduling will be involved to allow for recouperation and weather etc. We are planning another Florida trip this summer and are working on Details. Can't F#$%g Wait....

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03-16-2013, 06:10 PM
man all this talk is making me wish the season was here already

03-17-2013, 08:55 PM
Yeah me too...been colder than usual here. Hopefully in by April with full suits at least