View Full Version : Olympic Wrestling - Say Goodbye

02-13-2013, 07:50 PM
According to story in today`s Wall Street Journal, it's adios to wrestling after the 2020 Olympic games. Seems that leadership is looking for new sports. One possibility is that wrestling will be replaced by wakeboarding. Hard to imagine that a core sport like wrestling that has been around since the beginning of the games would be dumped. My guess is it is about money and politics. Sigh.

beat taco
02-13-2013, 09:08 PM
All because 7 people don't like wrestling. Ridiculous.

02-14-2013, 07:04 AM
story I saw was all about ratings. the wrestling committee was all up in arms about it, but at the end of the day, if no one is watching it, bye bye..

makes me wonder who's watching rhythmic gymnastics or water ballet.