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11-19-2005, 08:41 PM
Had a question. I installed the Infinity 6100m speakers on my tower. It is 2 x 6 1/2 in two individual enclosures, for a total of 4 speakers. Everything sounds great, but when I am trailering the boat it seems to wobble a bit excessively. The boat is an 05 Mobius LS with factory tower. When I am in the water it seems fine, just on the trailer does it concern me. There is a picture of the speakers below, they are pretty big but not any bigger than using 4 cans. Any suggestions to ease my mind. I would do something else, but taking them off is a pain and the lake is 30 minutes from my house, so it needs to be trailered.

Thanks, Jim


11-20-2005, 04:34 AM
There's a lot of weight there. My tower didn't sway until I put up my tower speakers. I checked all the tower mounts to be sure they were good. A couple bolts on the hull mounts were looser than expected. Anyway, after checking all attaching hardware, that seemed to minimize it.
Hope this helps

11-20-2005, 04:54 PM
Ok, I'll check the tower mounts to the hull. Overall should I be worried about cracking anything?

11-20-2005, 05:23 PM
You might want to have your trailer tires balanced. It's not causing the wobble you see, but it could be adding a tremendous amount of high frequency vibration that you wouldn't be aware of unless you rode in the boat at 60 mph on the highway. Combined with the weight of the speakers, it could really cause damage.

Mine wheels were way, way out-of-balance.

My tire guy says its rare for anybody to even think of balancing trailer tires, let alone actually do it. But it will protect your investment.

11-21-2005, 12:08 AM
Pardon me if this is a silly reply, but can't you just fold the tower down ?


11-21-2005, 02:20 AM
Thanks for the idea about the balancing. I just bought the boat 5 weeks ago, but I am sure the tires were never balanced at the dealership or factory.

As for the comment about taking it down, it would be very difficult as the tower cannot rest on the bow - so I would need to brace it one foot above and keep it from flipping up (seeing how 60+ MPH winds could snag and flip it up). Plus I think any side wobble that might remain would now be placed solely on the front brackets, not displaced through all six. And even if I could eliminate all those problems, taking the tower down is a pain, plus they now have about 45 extra pounds with those speakers and 45 pounds coming down from 6 feet in the air is pretty hard to balance. Thanks for the idea though.

11-21-2005, 03:23 AM
As for cracking..yeah, do not over tighten the mounts. With the rubber pad between the hardware and the hull, it's hard to get a feel for how tight they are. I just made sure any of the phillips head weren't loose by testing each with a turn of the screwdriver. Those that seemed loose were only torqued a turn or two to take up any shlop.
Hope this helps

11-21-2005, 10:59 AM
I tried to tighten mine, but some of them just spin and spin without "grabbing." Is there a bolt on the underside? It was dark out when I was tightening them, so I didn't get a chance see.

11-21-2005, 12:31 PM
Jimmy, There are bolts on the underside.

Not fun to get access to. I just replaced my tower bracket because my son got it cross threaded and stripped it out.

Hope that helps.

11-21-2005, 12:58 PM

Thanks for your tips. I am heading today to my storage unit to tighten all the bolts on the tower and to pop off my wheels and get them balanced.

Thanks for eveyones postings - nice to know there is so much help on this board!


11-21-2005, 01:14 PM
Jimmy, Welcome.

This board has been great to gather information.

By the way I had to replace both of my trailer tires this last summer and put Goodyears back on it. But this time I had them balanced and it towed much better.

Doug, t-town