View Full Version : 2000 Moomba Mobius - 780+/- hours Same family it's whole life 16,500

01-14-2013, 12:04 AM
This is the original Moomba that started the craze for Mooma! I have a 2k Moomba Mobius - RED - for sale. This boat belonged to my brother who bought it new. I bought it from him in 2009 and am selling it for the same reason he did. Kids have lost interest and moved on to other interests. When I bought it (you can read my forum posts for Asil210), I revived it from sitting at by brother's house for nearly 2 years. I had a small hole repaired and had it gel-coated (at Cliffords in Louisville, KY). I have replaced the clamp block kit. had it reupholstered (there are before/after pics I can send. I also replaced all grab handles and put in a new radio/speakers, MP3 capable with a cd player. This boat comes with a Skylon pole and barefoot boom. Plus an additional $700 worth of toys and gear (4 person Mambo tube, 2 knee boards, 2 wake boards, set of skis, 2 ski lines and the rope for the tube as well as 8 life jackets 4 are the ugly orange safety ones). I also have the fake lake to give you as well. The boat runs like a top I'm happy (in the spring) to show you, take you for a ride. Boat has been winterized until concern of freeze passes. I remove all hoses, Impeller (will get a new one) drain oil and change, put fogging oil through the carb., gas stabilizer, drain block etc. and fill up the tank (you even get a full tank of gas! Hoses live in my house in winter. Gauges are in true Moomba style (gas and 1 speed does not work) however you can go have a great time for 3.75 hours. I have always regulated time that way (and carry an extra gas can). This boat has lived covered all it's parked life. at first on my brother's 2 floor dock on a lift and then in my 2nd garage. The red is just beautiful- STILL! I'm asking $16,500 (matching Trailer Mate trailer too). It's worth seeing. https://forum.moomba.com/member.php?9169-asil210 click on the link for before/after pics.