View Full Version : Riding in Orlando Nov 3-7

10-26-2005, 12:02 PM
I am a new XLV owner in Kansas. I am also a member of the Pomona ski club.


I will be in Orlando Nov 3rd-7th.

Any fellow Moomba/Supra owners in Orlando area who would be willing to give a pull? I will buy gas and if you come to the Kansas City Area, I will take you out boating on my XLV. There are 3 of us coming. I will be bringing my surf board and can teach you how to surf behind the boat if you would like.

You can email me directly at: Doug.Hohulin@Motorola.com

10-26-2005, 12:41 PM
thanks of the offer. Let me know when you get back next week if you are going out that weekend. All three of us are adults and we do a lot of boating together in the summer. I am an engineer and have done a few ski shows in Kansas. I have dislocated my shoulder when a lady fell on me when we were doing pyramids for the show and that is why I like surfing (less wear on the body). I still like wake boarding. As for my 2 friends coming with me to Orlando, one is a 9th grade computer teacher (she likes to wakeboard and surf as well) and the other is an accountant from Argentina (she just likes riding in the boat). We are trying to get her to surf or wake board but I think she has seen a few too many face-plants to be motivated. We keep telling her it is really fun.

Our ski club does a Jan 1st polar bear skiing event that I did last year. Water was a very warm 34 degrees. I had a dry suit on. There were a few kids that were just in a swim suit. They turned an unusual shade of blue/pink. Sort of like a baby seal. I prefer the dry suit. I am hoping the water will be a little warmer in Florida than Kansas.