View Full Version : Whats the differnce 02 vs 05 LSV??/

10-20-2005, 08:02 PM
I maybe getting a 02 Mobious LSV and was wondering what is the differnce?
The 02 has Perfect pass, three bag ballast.
I know the sundeck is different 1 piece vs 3 peice but what else??

Also is there anything to look out for in a 02 Mobious LVS??
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10-21-2005, 11:00 AM
I have had zero major issues with mine. I have 120 hours on the boat. The only thing I have replaced have been ballast and bilge pumps, these things just burn up from all the use they get. As far as the differences in the two boats, my dealer said that everything is cosmetic. The windshield is different along with the back of the seats. The part where your back would rest has a different look, and the dash is configured a little different, but from what I understand everything mechanical, the hull and most of the accessories are identical. Now the 06 is a completely different boat. Personally I do not regret purchasing the 02. The price and condition of the boat was too good to pass up.

Someone that has an 05 should know what is different if what I was told was wrong. Again this is second hand knowledge from my dealer, hope it helps!!!